Even Federal Employees Less Happy Under Obama’s Second Term

report released Tuesday reveals that government employees are significantly less satisfied with their job in President Obama’s second term than his first.

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Federal employees satisfaction fell for the fourth straight year, dropping to the lowest recorded since the group began performing these reports in 2003.

The report assigned a job satisfaction score peaking at 65 (out of 100) during his first term, but this year that score dropped to 56.9.

“The steady drop in employee satisfaction from 2011 to 2014 may be the result of a number of factors,” the report states. “These include the 2013 across-the-board budget cuts known as sequestration; three years of pay freezes; hiring slowdowns; numerous management missteps that garnered negative attention and criticism; and a partial government shutdown that resulted in the furlough of 850,000 employees.”

The study says that effective leadership is the most important factor in employee satisfaction.

The report ranked government agencies based on how much employees enjoyed working there. For comparison, the report separates out large agencies from smaller agencies.

Of the large agencies, NASA, the Department of Commerce, and the Department of State came in as the top three respectively.

The VA came in second to last place with the Department of Homeland Security in last, ranked 19th.

Meanwhile, private sector workers have significantly higher scores. They have a satisfaction score of 72 this year, the highest since the group began recording private sector scores in 2009.

This piece was originally published by the Daily Caller News Foundation. 


  1. I find these numbers to be artificially high, considering his national satisfaction rating is in the 40’s at best.
    The ISIS crisis was a direct result of Obama’s premature withdrawal of troupes from the region, refusing to take advice from those with supposed wisdom on the issues. Perhaps that is why he has gone through four Secretary of States. (Sir Hillary Clinton being the exception in the wisdom equation, she was simply a political spoils/political correctness appointee)
    That fact that Obama was EVER elected to a second term, HAS to be contributed to massive voter fraud. There’s simply no other reasonable explanation.
    Obama seems to limp along from one crisis to the next, without ever resolving any of the previous ones.

  2. If they’re unhappy, they should quit and find employment more in tune with their sensibilities.

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