Facebook Employees in Uproar over Executive Who Backs Brett Kavanaugh

Mark ZuckerbergFacebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has come under fire recently due to a top Facebook global policy executive’s decision to support Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and appear at his hearing. One prominent executive claims Facebook is an “apolitical” company.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, hundreds of employees at the social media firm Facebook have expressed their anger about top global policy executive, Joel Kaplan’s decision to support Brett Kavanaugh at his upcoming hearing. Employees questioned CEO Mark Zuckerberg directly about the Kavanaugh-supporting executive in a weekly question-and-answer session held last Friday, Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg — a vocal Hillary Clinton supporter — also apparently weighed in on the issue.

An internal discussion thread was reportedly filled with hundreds of comments. Many Facebook employees were critical of the executive’s decision to support Kavanaugh. The topic became an issue after a photo of Facebook’s Head of Global Policy Joel Kaplan appeared to show the executive present at Kavanaugh’s hearing last Thursday. This resulted in an internal discussion about how Facebook’s executives felt about the #MeToo movement, freedom of speech, and President Trump.

Zuckerberg was relatively non-committal in his response to the employee’s issues, stating that he wouldn’t have made the same decision as Kaplan, but that his presence at the hearing did not violate any of Facebook’s company policies and that Zuckerberg was aware that Kaplan and Kavanaugh had been longtime friends. This, however, did not satisfy employees and the internal debate still continued with Zuckerberg and Sandberg planning to address the employees issues at a town hall meeting on Friday.

One employee stated: “This fire has been burning for a full week now.” Kaplan reportedly appeared defensive in his initial response, stating that he took the day off, but the executive’s tone shifted as further controversy over his appearance arose. Many were angered over Kaplan’s appearance at the hearing as since the 2016 election, Facebook has discouraged employees from expressing their political opinions publicly, but now the company’s head of global policy was appearing at a hearing that had become extremely politicized over recent weeks. …

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  1. Poor little snowflakes at Facebook. Just proves the liberal bias culture is rampant at this organization

  2. they shouldn’t wave their flag like that.

  3. Their stock is diving and I’m one that shutdown my account because of their political bias. As far as I’m concerned social media is a destructive force to this country and I want no part of it. The whole Bay Area is so brain washed that the majority can’t think for themselves and rely on this social media crap, half of which is fake.

  4. Think about it? In silicon valley, facts don’t matter, everything is based on emotion. The absolute indicator of intellectual ignorance, smart yet dumb.

    I’m thinking that the FBI should investigate Dr Ford, it is the only place they haven’t looked yet. The accusation coming from her are unsubstantiated and yet, emotionally, people ignorant of the facts support her. Let’s investigate her and determine her character, her truthfulness, her soundness of mind.
    Probably open up a can of worms for the Democrat party!

  5. john hanebury says

    Because of their political bias, nothing would please me more than to see facebook go belly up.

  6. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    I Never let someone else monetize every last grain of my privacy (by that I mean “joined FaceBook”) and never will. Screw them.

  7. Why is it anybody’s business who he wants to back. Last I looked this is still a relatively free country where you can back anybody you want

  8. “Apolitical”?….
    Cancer is “apolitical” in the same manner.
    Plus, any retaliation for his outside activity would put Fakebook at risk legally, and financially. Don’t these people have a clue?
    Educate your flock Zuck, for your own protection – and don’t rely on Sheryl to do so, she’s a witch.

  9. Is this called heresy? In our “new society” we must all march together!

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