For One Pasadena Neighborhood, Gun Violence Is Unrelenting

The streets were slick with rain in northwest Pasadena when Jamal Patterson went to watch “Monday Night Football” at his mother’s house last October.

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The 24-year-old was sitting in a car with two other men across the street from his mother’s home after the game when someone shot into the car. Patterson usually sat on his mother’s front porch with his friends, but the recent rain made everything wet.

Patterson, a father of two, died three days later at Huntington Memorial Hospital.

One month later and one block over on Raymond Avenue, 13-year-old Iran Moreno was playing video games in his home when he was shot by someone who fired from the street. He was rushed to the same hospital as Patterson and died later that night.

“There’s always shooting, always gang violence around. They’re always hurting the most innocent people,” Iran’s cousin, Maria Balvaneda, said during a vigil at Villa Parke.

In Pasadena, shootings rose 22% between 2020 and 2021, from 60 to 73, according to the police department. Seven were killed in 2020 and six more last year.

The increase — part of a spike in homicides across Los Angeles County — has sparked grief, pain and outrage in a city marked by many upscale neighborhoods, as well as lower-income neighborhoods where crime has long been a problem, and some residents say city leaders are not doing enough to make conditions safer.

The shootings in Pasadena have been concentrated in the northwest part of the city, home to mostly Black and Latino residents. In response, city leaders and police have increased patrols in the neighborhoods hardest hit by the gun violence and have pledged to bolster after-school programs and invest in ShotSpotter technology.

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  1. The answer is simple. It is not easy.

    It means the Black Community that has voted Democrat, and has depended on handouts has to stand up and say no more.

    It means telling the Black Panthers, BLM, and other such organizations to pack up and take a hike.

    It means the Black Churches have to be willing to a) tell members involved in this do not come back, b) embrace the Anglo community, and c) see criminals regardless of race are sent to jail.

    Like I said for many reasons including the emotional it is not easy.

    For the Black community understand I as a WASP do not trust you as a group. I have watched your “leaders(?)” sell you down the sewer of society for political power and government money handouts. Waters is one of the prime examples that come to mind.

    Think I am being harsh? Re-read this:

    “There’s always shooting, always gang violence around. They’re always hurting the most innocent people,” Iran’s cousin, Maria Balvaneda, said during a vigil at Villa Parke

    • You are speaking the truth, sad to say. Most of the Black community’s woes start with themselves. Most of the men are MIA in terms of the family. They keep voting for the wrong people. How many read to their kids at night?

    • You are correct and I add, Quite believing you (blacks) are victims of society and should be allowed a free pass on the crimes they commit. Get rid of the “disparate impact” mentality. Recognize that blacks, as a segment of society, commit the most crimes followed by Hispanics and understand that community service, incarceration, and up to execution are necessary no matter what color has committed the crime. I have good friends that are black that feel the same way.

  2. Really??? you told it like it is. The minorities have been sold a pile of BS from their elected leaders for decades and they are no better off . Just go back over the “promises” they made prior to the past election and tell me how many they kept. There do it to the minorities time and time again and they keep falling for it hook line and sinker. There are some great leaders such as Candace Owens who are trying get the truth to the minorities but it requires an open mind to understand. The last thing the CP Left wants is for minorities to wise up…

    • We have all been lied to by the propaganda main stream media 24/7- the right arm of the DC Democrat machine. Calling all whites racist while we elected a black president? Obama should have been the one pointing out that the road to success for all Americans starts with education, hard work, and a good attitude. Don’t live above your means, save money, be a good honest citizen – anyone can be successful. I don’t think he said those things because his success came from graft & corruption that has become the democrat core value. Why else unionize government employees, import 30M illegal immigrants from third world countries, and teach CRT instead of critical thinking and essential studies? We have laws to deal with the addicted living on our streets in record numbers, but with voter harvesting they have become a democrat asset. Its elected DC democrat whites that started this name calling nonsense, demonizing anyone that dares to think for themselves and speak up. Pres. Biden is rightly blamed for his daily failures, but blame really should be shared with those that believe and voted for his agenda that is against everything we once stood for as a country. We are losing our great country due to propaganda and lies and its up to us to get informed and vote the crooks all out of office!

  3. CA_is_a_liberal_hellhole says

    LA County residents, please sign the recall petition:

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