Gavin Newsom for Governor?

Shaking up an already fast-moving political landscape, Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom revealed in an email to his list that he had taken the first step toward a run for governor in 2018.

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Framing his announcement as a characteristically Californian statement “without evasiveness or equivocation,” he explained he was creating the initial committee necessary to mustering resources for a run. Gavin Newsom

A combination of reasons fueled Newsom’s early jump into a race that’s still out on the other side of the next presidential election. On the one hand, as the Los Angeles Times reported, Newsom’s committee will empower him to “raise up to $28,200 per supporter for both the primary and general elections, meaning he can collect $56,400 per donor.”

On his website, Newsom played up the practical importance of that head start. He said running “in America’s largest, most diverse state demands that I start raising resources now.”

On the other hand, Newsom, like other Democrats victorious in their last election cycle, has maintained a sizable war chest — in Newsom’s case, around $3 million. Nevertheless, Newsom likely will be expected to come up with much more than that.

“Running for governor is likely to cost $30 million to $50 million, or possibly much more,” the Washington Post observed. “Meg Whitman, the former eBay chief executive who ran against Brown in 2010, spent $144 million on a losing campaign.”

A quiet deal?

In the meanwhile, attention has focused on the timing between Newsom’s announcement and Attorney General Kamala Harris’s announcement that she will run to replace retiring Barbara Boxer in the U.S. Senate.

Just last month, Newsom told San Francisco radio station KGO that it was “laughably premature” to discuss his possible interest in taking over for Brown in 2018. He described his disinterest in Boxer’s seat as merely dispositional. “I’ve got a bias toward my children, my wife, my family. I’ve enjoyed my time as mayor, and I like the executive side of the world.”

The careful positioning led some to speculate that Harris and Newsom, close enough to share the same consultant, quietly bargained behind the scenes to run for different offices. Publicly, that was denied. A source close to Harris told the San Francisco Chronicle she and Newsom didn’t make a deal to split up their campaigns:

“She never talked to him,” the source said. “I think he read the tea leaves and made his decision.”

“However, Newsom — who has long let it be known that he wants to be governor — said he talked to Harris on Sunday night to let her know that he wasn’t going to be running for Senate.”

Decision time

Now that both Harris and Newsom have formalized their plans, the pressure has ratcheted up on other ambitious Democrats, whose next steps are the subject of feverish speculation. Top Democrats in Los Angeles have been affected most by the Harris/Newsom split.

As the Post reported, the two San Franciscans have long been “cognizant of the other’s ambitions and aware that running against each other could provide an opportunity for a rival from Los Angeles” — specifically, former Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, who faces “renewed pressure” to choose which rival, if any, to challenge.

In Washington, D.C., making the rounds on the occasion of accepting an award, Villaraigosa stayed mum on the Senate race, preferring to regale reporters with a campaign-like discussion of the importance of education. That in itself could reflect a greater interest in a gubernatorial run, however.

Villaraigosa conspicuously supported the parents in the Vergara case, which challenged California’s teacher tenure system, claimed the existing system discriminates against minorities and the poor. And he endorsed Marshall Tuck, the reformer opposed by the teachers’ unions in November’s race for state superintendent of public instruction.

By contrast, Harris filed the Vergara appeal in the case, defending the status quo, an action supported by Newsom.

And Harris and Newsom endorsed Tuck’s opponent, union-backed incumbent Tom Torlakson, who won the race.

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  1. We do not need another FLAMING LIBERAL!!! Nothing but giveaway programs – we need someone with some fiscal responsibility in our State.

  2. Michael McDermott says

    Talk about Irony – The Governor of Oregon is under pressure to resign after a Scandal involving his girlfriend – while Former Frisco ( now better known as Sodom by the Sea) Mayor and now ‘Gov. Lt’ of California, Gravid Nuisance – just announced his candidacy to become Governor.

    The Same Gravid Nuisance who has pretty much got a free pass from the bought and paid for ‘free press’ – when it came out he was having it off with a Female Subordinate on His Staff (reportedly – In Very Few Media – with a “substance Abuse problem)…
    – Who at the time was Also Married to his Campaign Manager, and still got elected – because of his great ssm ‘tolerance’ pogrom.

    AIDE QUITS AS NEWSOM’S AFFAIR WITH HIS WIFE IS REVEALED / Campaign manager confronts mayor, who is ‘in shock’ ;

    BTW – Anyone Remember the Jack Davis 49’rs Birthday Party and ‘Satanic Priest’ show – attended by all the Demicrat Elite in Frisco?

    Political ‘Party’ Goes So Far, Even San Francisco Is Aghast
    There is no shocking the citizens of San Francisco, it has been argued; it takes some doing just to entertain them….

    ”When I walked in, everyone had their clothes on,” said a city Supervisor, Leland Y. Yee (Now Mayor, after Promising Not to Run)…

    – said he had concluded that there were indeed limits, even to the tolerance of this famously tolerant city. ”Bloodletting and public urination are lines you just don’t cross,” he said.

  3. Gavin Newsom for Governor of California is as crazy a scheme as Governor Moonbeam for POTUS. End result = continued spiral downward..

  4. A. Jery & Joay Y. Lehrer says

    The whole California State Government, including our Representative and Senators need a TOTAL ENEMA!. All persona on the State and Federal payrolls need to be in the same Social Security, 401 programs as we the electorate. As for the illegals, and that’s what the are, throw them out, with out any of the Tax Payers money!

    • I’m all for taking them on a lovely cruise and dropping them off about 500 miles out. Sadly the delusional monied Lefties will hale Newsom as the savior of Kommieforniastan.

  5. you have got to be joking me another idiot just what we need more stupidity

  6. We assume the former Mayor of San Francisco must be counting on some rich friends outside of San Francisco in his run for governor. What support does he expect from the city he is suing? See the link below for details on the lawsuit, brought by the State Lands Commission against the voters. The State Lands Commission has three members Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the former mayor of San Francisco; state Controller John Chiang; and state Director of Finance Michael Cohen, a cabinet-level officer appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

    John Burton, the author of the law that transferred San Francisco’s waterfront from state to local control nearly 50 years ago, has joined with the Sierra Club in supporting the City Attorney’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit against San Francisco because it entirely misreads the Burton Act.

  7. Hasn’t California had enough Frauds, clowns, and idiots from the Bay Area (Pelosi, Feinstein,)

  8. And the STUPID VOTERS will elect this empty suit too….PATHETIC!

  9. Roger Jensen says

    All the more, the need for the State of Jefferson.

  10. NorCal Libertarian says

    What Roger just wrote!!!

  11. “Whether you like it or NOT, I will be your next governor!”
    s/Gavin Newsom

    PS seriously, would you even buy a used car from this slick shyster?

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