Gavin Newsom On the Run From His COVID Lockdown Record: He Should Never Again Hold Elected Office

Remember that for the first time in history, healthy people were locked down during the worldwide Coronavirus scare

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“A sable cloud turns forth its silverlining on the night,” John Milton wrote in Comus in 1634. We have simplified this to “every cloud has a silver lining,” meaning even the worst situations have some element of hope, some enlightenment or some other redeeming quality.

We have that “silverlining” with the COVID virus outbreak and subsequent lockdowns, business closures, school lockdowns, and mask and vaccine mandates ordered by government tyrants.

We know who the tyrants are… they told us who they were every day during the COVID outbreak – governors, state and local politicians, and public health officials, with their freakish television appearances demanding we “stay safe, stay home,” for our own good… while they moved about freely; while their lives went on relatively normally.

They ordered us to “mask up” despite knowing that masks don’t really prevent the spread of a virus. The Globe did an interview in January 2022 with Dr. Peter McCullough, an internist, cardiologist and epidemiologist, and one of America’s leading physicians on the early treatment of COVID-19, in which he explained at that time:

“There have been over one dozen studies of general masking which have shown it is basically not effective. I think the only people that need masks… I am a cardiologist and I wear a mask with patients.”

“Dentists, dental hygienists – and we wear them in the operating room. It’s not to prevent the spread of COVID, but it stops sneezes or coughs,” Dr. McCullough added. “But in general masks don’t work.”

They mandated vaccines as a condition to be able to return to work, despite that they were mRNA injections and not true vaccines, and despite that many in the U.S. already had contracted COVID and didn’t need a shot for protection from the virus.

They ordered children and babies be vaccinated despite that the virus did not infect children, nor were children vectors of the virus.

California Governor Gavin Newsom ordered the state locked down first in the country and extended out mask mandates and school and business lockdowns beyond all other states. This made little or no difference – other than to destroy two years of kids’ education and kill off as many of the state’s small businesses as possible.

There are those who now say many of the tyrants never even got the mRNA injection – they took a placebo.

We are hearing a lot of talk about the country being divided. The divisions were spurred during the COVID pandemic when the country was quite divided on how best to handle the virus.

In the early days of the pandemic when it was clear people were contracting the virus and there was a flu outbreak, by March 2020, one after another states began to issue lockdown orders, business closures, travel restrictions, and ordered people to stay home. But California Gov. Gavin Newsom was the first governor to issue a lockdown order of the entire state.

As the lockdowns wore on, Gov. Newsom was increasingly diabolical, offering an end date to the masking and lockdowns, only to either fully retract it claiming “positive tests were up,” or to attach a caveat – like the unvaccinated would have to continue to wear masks indefinitely.

In June 2021, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced he would end his COVID stay-at-home order, business lockdowns, and school closures after more than 15 months… but he also said a vaccination verification system would be coming in short order – which is to say, he wanted Californians to use an electronic vaccine passport to gain entrance to businesses, work and events.

The purpose of such an electronic system was to “allow” businesses to confirm that their customers have received their shots. And those who had not taken a vaccine would be required to continue to wear masks, as a form of a “Scarlet Letter.”

As the Globe reported, “It’s not the responsibility of businesses to confirm their clientele have been vaccinated for the coronavirus, any more than they are required to make sure their clientele have received an annual flu shot, or are boosting their immune systems by taking Echincea during cold and flu season. That’s not the job of the business, or the government; it’s solely the job of the individual.”

Newsom’s lifting of mask mandates for vaccinated individuals was just another cruel strategy to coerce compliance of the vaccination. “Get the vaccine and you can have your freedom; you can go back to normal,” was the plan. “Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton even came out and tweeted, ‘Get vaccinated or wear a mask.’ That’s it. These are the choices.”

“Coerced Compliance is not Freedom in Gov. Newsom’s Staged Re-Opening of California” the Globe reported.

What Newsom was proposing was a version of a social segregation system.

Remember that for the first time in history, healthy people were locked down during the worldwide Coronavirus scare – lockdowns of homes, schools and “non-essential” businesses, and governors issued mask mandates and vaccine mandates.

The medical industry set aside all rationale, ignored their own training, as hospitals got on board with the dubious protocols recommended by the CDC and National Institutes of Health, according to Dr. Peter McCullough. Hospitals received hundreds of billions in funding for COVID patients for the full treatment including the controversial Remdesivir, ventilation, and eventual death. According to Alex Berenson:

“Hospital profit margins in 2020 and 2021 more than doubled compared to 2019, researchers reported in JAMA Health Forum last month. In all, hospitals made at least $16 billion more in profits during the two Covid years than they did in 2019, the researchers found.

…the 20 percent bonus they received for Covid patients and other special funding more than made up the difference for most hospitals.

The most profitable 600 American hospitals each posted annual operating income of at least $38 million during Covid…”

As it turned out, California wasn’t really reopening in 2020, 2021 or even 2022, as the governor frequently teased. And that was because the state was still under a statewide declaration of emergency, meaning Newsom retained his emergency authority to alter or suspend state laws – indefinitely. Which he did with great frequency. A state judge even ruled that Newsom abused his emergency authority when he issued an executive order for all voters to get mail-in ballots for the election – his own recall election, with many believe was manipulated.

“Indefinite” it felt; such cruelty from one man elected by the people of California. How quickly Gavin Newsom went from elected governor of one state to Totalitarian Tyrant.

As Totalitarian Tyrant, Gov. Newsom issued 58 executive orders – “one-man-rule” decrees – during his statewide lockdown.

The governor/Tyrant continued to require face coverings for unvaccinated people, in some version of a social segregation system, pitting citizens against one another.

A few other governors followed suit with imperious stay-at-home orders, “non-essential” business closures, masks and vaccines – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan, Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York, Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey, Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon, Gov. Andy Beshear of Kentucky, Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Gov. David Ige of Hawaii, Gov. JB Pritzker of Illinois, and Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington.

Remember those names.

After 22 states had already lifted mask and distancing restrictions, the CDC sort of reversed its mask order in May 2021 and announced that face masks would no longer be mandatory… for those who’ve been vaccinated…

Other states chose to remain open, allow the people to move about freely, run their businesses, send the kiddies to school, and treat those most vulnerable carefully.

USA Today reported, “Gov. Kristi Noem has repeatedly said she won’t issue a statewide mask requirement or lockdown and has voiced doubts about health experts who say face coverings prevent infections from spreading. Noem’s ‘Back to Normal Plan’ laid out actions for residents, employers, schools and health care providers once four criteria categories are met, including a downward trajectory of documented coronavirus cases for 14 days in an area with sustained community spread.”

Gov. Newsom’s choice was totalitarian, dictatorial, arbitrary and overbearing.

The other choice – the decision to remain open – embodied the American spirit, allowing people to assess their own risk.

California was a special case with Gov. Gavin Newsom first at the trough – particularly with Dr. Anthony Fauci endorsing stay at home orders in all 50 states, restricting people from leaving their homes for anything other than “essential activities” (which did not include going to work for most).

Within a day of the lockdown, the state of 40 million people looked like it had been deserted.

Only seven states – Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Wyoming, and Arkansas – did not order statewide lockdowns on schools and businesses, or force people to stay in their homes.

“Pro-lockdown states like New York, California, and Massachusetts saw catastrophic unemployment numbers, 15.9%, 13.3%, and 16.1% respectively, alongside high COVID-19 death rates,” AEIR reported in August 2020.

“Instead of being able to live out the pandemic in relative peace, the lockdown policies brought about economic devastation…”

California lost 35.9 percent of “non-essential” businesses, which remained closed after being ordered to. More than one-third of restaurants permanently closed. Many owners were unable to pay their bills or feed their families while Home Depot, Costco and Walmart remained open, deemed “essential” by Gov. Newsom.

And Gov. Newsom was caught living his best life, dining at the French Laundry in Napa, enjoying multiple vacations out of the country while he locked down Californians. In Feb. 2022 he starred in “MaskGate” at the NFC Championship game in Los Angeles – despite his own face mask mandates. 

In California, the New York Times reported 40,000 small businesses had closed by September 2020, in an article about California voters’ recall election of Gov. Newsom.

By 2021, the color-coded tier system Newsom put in place in 2020 which set occupancy limits at businesses and imposed other rules, was still in place. USA Today kept a running tally of the states and their varying stages of lockdowns, mandates and re-openings. By June 2022, when they ended their series because nearly all states were re-opened, California was not. Their reporting shows that most states lifted the bulk of the restrictions in 2020 and some straggled into 2021.

But because the media was never shut down, California reporters just couldn’t fathom the toll lockdowns took on small business owners, on families, on children locked out of school – on people not allowed to go to work. Consequently, the analysis and critique of Gov. Newsom’s dictatorial policies was largely left to about three of the state’s political reporters.

It’s not as if Gov. Newsom didn’t have access to experts who could assess the long and short term effects of the virus and lockdowns. But he chose not to access these experts at Stanford, UC Irvine, and practicing physicians who saw patients, and were witnessing the human damage of his “one-man-rule” policies.

Click here to read the full article in California Globe


  1. Steve Douglass says

    “Gov. Newsom’s choice was totalitarian, dictatorial, arbitrary and overbearing”

    You think this is bad, what do you think will happen if Trump gets elected?

  2. Leo of Sacramento says

    I don’t know Steve, what will happen? You seem to have the knowledge.

    My take on this:
    1) CA Health Department, INFORMS the Governor of issues. They give advice. We should NEVER be mandated from them, about what’s going on. They were not elected.
    2) CDC…..They RECOMMEND ONLY. If they chose to say, ‘we strongly recommend anything’, who cares. That is NOT a direcetive.
    3) That nonsense from Covid should NEVER have been allowed to happen. A blind man could see what was going on in California: Straight tyranny. Where were the protestors of the 1960’s? The “don’t trust the man/Gov crowds’ who questioned authority?
    They got old, or passed on, and a Newer generation took over. That generation seemed to protest about: “Don’t question the MAN/GOV, just do what you’re told. If you challenge authority? You’re selfish!!”

    If elected, this won’t happen.
    If elected, ALL Covid inspired fines/penalties will be returned to the offenders.

    Again, Failure is success and success is deemed as a failure.

    Thankfully, this man will never again, be a Governor of the Great State of California.


  3. Tired of HIS Bull CRAP! says

    “Never hold office again” is TOOOOOooo good for this creep!!!! He should be tried and convicted for TREASON – and whatever punishment they do now, he should get the MAX!!!! He destroyed lives, he robbed kids of not only their education but also their childhood, he ruined relationships, he ruined our economy – he allowed some businesses to prosper while destroying others with a sweep of his damned pen!!!

  4. You need to STUDY a little more STEVE.. Thanks Leo and Bull CRAP – you said it well!!

  5. Steve needs to stop drinking the tyrannical communist cough syrup!! How many innocent elderly did commie Cuomo KILL?? How many young people committed suicide, or went on a killing spree at ‘gun free zones’ because of depression from being in the communist tyrants lockdown?? From Fake Fauci on down, and the whole current administration, needs to be in a military tribunal, then sent to GITMO awaiting swift and complete execution!!! Treason is not a ‘condition’, it’s a CHOICE!!!

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