Gavin Newsom’s threat to localities is extortion by any other name

Shortly after his inauguration, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced that he would withhold funds designated for transportation from local governments that didn’t comply with his vision for affordable housing. His move could be characterized as either the height of hypocrisy or extortion. Take your pick.

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Let’s start with the hypocrisy. Our new governor has complained bitterly about how the federal government — i.e., the evil Trump administration — threatens to withhold funds from California. He has criticized the withholding of high-speed rail funds from the feds because of California’s failure to meet benchmarks imposed as a condition for the receipt of those funds and he complained about the withholding of law enforcement dollars because of the refusal of California to cooperate with ICE.

In his ongoing war with the federal government, Newsom has bragged about how many times he has sued the federal government, alleging that Trump is engaging in heavy-handed pressure against progressive states like California. It is apparently lost on the governor how hollow his protests appear when he threatens local governments in the same manner.

As for the extortive threat itself, it is little wonder that Newsom has received copious amounts of blowback from other elected officials across the political spectrum. Sen. Jim Beall, D-San Jose, chair of the Senate Transportation Committee, called the move “very unwise.” Likewise, the chairman of the Assembly Transportation Committee, Jim Frazier, D-Discovery Bay, challenged the idea that new conditions should be placed on road maintenance funds. “It is not fair, or in good faith, to deny them the benefits of [gas tax money] after they have paid for it, based on local government decisions they have no control over.”

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  1. I thought he was going to help the lower income house hold, I just received a notice that my rent is going up to 4 persent from 3 persent and it’s going to end up putting more people on the street. Galvin lied and you fools voted him in

  2. When will the sheeple admit they made a BIG mistake? It is time to start a recall movement on this Pretty Boy a$$hole!

  3. We’re leaving. I will no longer support this Marxist shithole with my tax dollars.

  4. showandtell says

    Good news, burgeoning recall movement! That Gabby Gruesome has received blowback from legislators such as Dem Jim Beall is not a good sign for the Gov. Jim Beall authored, or at least co-authored, the sneaky AB 1810 trailer bill last year, in which an attempt was made, only God knows why, to legalize murder and rape, et al (as some of you may recall). That was so over-the-top and crazy that trying to get the public to believe it was no easy task. By the way it was later amended to less-crazy status at the last minute before the end of the year because of blowback from the public.

  5. PursueJustice says

    You can never trust a liberal in government. His whole bent is on destroying the State. Moonbeam started it and Newsom will finish the job. California is doomed. It’s overrun with homeless and even more illegals. Liberals don’t care about the citizens of the State.

  6. Beni Feil says

    What have the voters done? When he was running I kept thinking of what he NEVER did for San Francisco. Instead of cleaning up the homeless situation and taking care of the disease that’s spreading he wants to sue cities because they don’t have enough low income housing. And he picks areas that are higher income because that’s what it takes to live there. People work hard to live there. Good for them. He’s a nightmare.

  7. timothy l cartwright says

    Recall, He is not suited to run this beautiful State. And his leadership,(lack of it) will run this state into the graveyard of Government betrayals. Republicans should go door to door with a recall list.

  8. Grey Davis, with a pretty face! Give him Davis’ fate.

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