Golden Gate Bridge briefly blocked by pro-Palestinian protesters

Pro-Palestinian protesters blocked off multiple lanes of the Golden Gate Bridge Wednesday morning.

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All northbound and southbound lanes were stopped at mid-span on the bridge shortly before 8 a.m., according to CHP data. 

Both lanes had reopened by 8:30 a.m.

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Images published to X by a KQED reporter showed protesters holding large banners that said “Stop arming Israel” and “Hands off Rafah.” The latter is a reference to the Palestinian city in Gaza that Israel targeted with airstrikes this week in an operation that it said freed two hostages taken by Hamas.

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  1. TanstaaflSD says

    So long as Dem / Prog officials permit and support this illegal conduct — after we (illegally?) use our cellphones in our cars to tell others why we will be late — we need to (illegally?) persistently call all incumbent politicans to complain …. and, PLEASE stop voting for them.

  2. Given his total mismanagement of the Afghanistan debacle where many hundreds of people were abandoned and left behind, dingbat Bidet has no credibility and less business telling Israeli leaders what to do. He is an expert on failure.

  3. If the Palestinians don’t like it here in the U.S., they can always return to Gaza.

  4. Otis R. Needleman says

    As if anything that happens here will affect anything happening there.

  5. I have a brilliant idea, round up the protestors and send them immediately to Palestine, revoke their citizenship and see if they revere free speech there. I affirm their right to go to the place they are speaking up for and live there for eternity. We don’t want anti-Americans here.

  6. If all of the Palestinian protestors jump off the Golden Gate Bridge does that satisfy their wish for “from the river to the sea” given the Napa and other rivers empty in the Bay and the tide goes out a couple of times a day?

  7. They should’ve just KICKED all these hamas-lovers off the bridge, and if they made it, let them swim over to Alkatraz for a brief stay of about 10 years or so!! Go be Anti-American some where else!!

  8. and look who brought all of them to the USA…. OBUMMER who is now in his 3rd term of Presidency disguised as OBIDEN….. well his is half white….

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