GOP Convention: Trump’s foes clash with backers outside gathering

As reported by the San Francisco Chronicle:

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Presidential candidate Donald Trump was forced to abandon his motorcade on the side of a freeway, scramble up a hillside and slip into a side entrance of the hotel hosting the California GOP convention Friday as hundreds of angry protesters surrounded the building and did their best to disrupt the Republican frontrunner’s speech.



Trump joked about his roundabout entrance to the convention, saying it felt like he was “crossing the border” — but the rambunctious demonstrators outside saw no humor in it all as they scuffled with police, threw eggs and blocked roads around the Hyatt Regency in Burlingame.

Antoinette Chen See, 34, one of several protesters who formed a human chain on Old Bayshore Road outside the hotel, said she came out to try to deny Trump a platform in the Bay Area for what she called his racist rhetoric.

“We have a failed system in which someone who is so antiblack, so anti-Muslim and so anti-immigrant is allowed to be a viable candidate for president,” she said. About the chains linking her to her fellow protesters, she said: “They are not comfortable, but it’s worth it.”

Some Trump backers

Presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and Gov. John Kasich of Ohio were also scheduled to speak at the convention, but it was Trump who drew the most ire from demonstrators Friday before, during and after his noontime speech. Coming just one day after protests at one of the billionaire’s campaign stops in Southern California turned violent, police were on high alert. …

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  1. Where is the Patriot Guard when we need it. Police should have taken these ILLEGAL & DEADBEATS AWAY BEFORE they could cause any trouble. THEY ARE DOMESTIC TERRORISTS demanding that FREE SPEECH BE ABOLISHED. Because IF they believed in FREE SPEECH they would have kept their unemployed butts at home. WHO’S PAYING THESE JERKS ANYWAY?

  2. I called Gov Moonbeam’s office to day (5-2-2016) saying he FAILED to ensure the PUBLIC SAFETY & WELL BEING.. by not getting the TRASH off ROADS intended for vehicles. By allowing political events to be TERRORIZED he is not doing his job. EVERYONE SHOULD CALL HIS OFFICE & their elected official.

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