Gov. Brown Sues to Prevent Voters from Enacting Criminal Justice Reforms

PrisonGovernor Brown, having been rebuked multiple times last month by the California Supreme Court for “abuse of power” in issuing pardons and commutations, has now resorted to a lawsuit aiming to prevent voters from enacting common sense fixes to his badly flawed Proposition 57.

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The soon to be ex-Governor is now attempting to block the “Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act” from appearing on the 2020 ballot by claiming the Secretary of State erred in setting the number of valid signatures needed for the initiative. That measure had received sufficient signatures to appear on the 2018 ballot, but multiple counties failed to verify signatures by the deadline imposed by the Secretary of State. Of course, the governor and his office never registered any objection when the Secretary of State published the required signature threshold, nor did he attempt to intervene via a lawsuit before the signature gathering effort commenced.

What is notable about the lawsuit is that it reinforces the utter duplicity Brown used to gain passage of Prop 57. Brown deliberately repeated the falsehood during that campaign that only “non-violent” inmates would be eligible for early release under Prop 57, knowing full well the voters would never have approved an initiative granting early release to inmates convicted and sentenced for violent crimes.

However, as we have pointed out repeatedly during the campaignand since, the failure to define who qualified as a “non-violent offender” left the prison doors open to many convicted of arguably violent crimes. Not only were violent prison inmates made eligible for early release, many have since been released thanks to Prop 57. Now, in a cynical move that directly contradicts his false assurances to voters, Brown’s new lawsuit argues that the proposed fixes to Prop 57 should be thrown off the ballot because it would make it harder for violent offenders to obtain early release.

Governor Brown was able to fool voters last time, but the documented release of multiple violent inmates thanks to Prop 57 has terminated that talking point. His recently filed lawsuit is a desperate attempt to prevent voters from correcting the failings of Prop 57.

Michele Hanisee is president of the Association of Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys.

This article was originally published by Fox and Hounds Daily


  1. Brown attempted to and succeeded in part to the dismantling of California’s criminal justice system, economic integrity, and, recently, the corruption of the ballot box.
    Brown and all Democrat legislators should be indicted for violation of our Federal Constitution over immigration and the Second Amendment.
    Brown and all Democrats are complicit in the recent murder of an on duty sworn police officer. They all have his blood on their hands.
    Brown and all Democrats have wrecked the California schools and ruined the lives of recent graduates, having violated their rights by not providing the education they were entitled too.
    Brown and all Democrats, along with their excessive taxes and regulations, their violations of ballot box, and their ignoring their oath of office have and are driving the hardworking, taxpaying business’s and Citizens into other States with governors and legislators who work for the Citizen and not for them selves like in California.
    Not a fan of Brown or any Democrat, state or Federal, from California. Feinstein should be investigated for the Kavanaugh accusations. Schiff and Swalwell should also be investigated for their repeated lies about proof they had but never revealed. Harris is an arrogant Black women who is rude and ignorant.
    California voters should be ashamed, but sadly they all seem to be floating in the same boat. You know, the one that is about to sink. Not a question of if now, but when!
    I’m tired, I think you understand where I’m at, at this point.

  2. Hopefully an number of the violent felons released under Prop 57 will visit Gov. Brown in retirement over the coming months to thank him.

  3. The only thing that will stop these demoncrapic socialist Traitors from overthrowing our government is a long fall at the end of a short rope tied around their neck area . Otherwise they are going to be successful in creating the Order from Chaos agenda that this is really about.

  4. Brown, Becerra, Padilla, De Leon, Lara and several other prominent and prolific legislators should be brought up on Federal election tampering by encouraging illegal alien non-citizens to vote in US Federal elections in November 2018.

  5. Edward D Pollack says

    The people of the state of California need to file a class action lawsuit against Governor Brown for wilfuly and maliciously endangering the people of California!❗‼??

    • That’s funny! The electorate here voted him in a second term then voted not to repeal his gas and registration taxes (enacted without voter consent), then voted against making it mandatory for bills to be approved by the people before being enacted. I am in complete awe of the ignorance of the voters in California. This state will crash and burn inside 3-4 years and I’m waiting to leave when that happens.

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