Governor and Democrats Intent on Raising Taxes

TaxesMajority Democrats have made it increasingly obvious that they are intent on raising taxes on hardworking Californians. In the clearest sign yet, the governor released a draft transportation funding plan on Thursday, which includes a $65 fee on vehicle owners, an 11-cent increase in the diesel tax, and a 6-cent increase in the gas tax. This comes on top of the estimated 10-cent increase in the gas tax that kicked in earlier this year due to cap and trade.

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The governor and legislative Democrats are spending more than ever before, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at our roads. California drivers pay one of the highest gas taxes in the nation, yet our infrastructure ranks near the bottom. The state has money to improve our highways without asking taxpayers for more. As Republicans, we continue to stand with families to say enough is enough and oppose new taxes.

On Tuesday, Senate Democrats passed several measures that contained no substantive content to the state Assembly. The procedural move, a tactic frequently used during the state budget process, makes it easier to facilitate backroom deals, giving the public little time to review final products. These vehicles would likely be used to push through tax increases, such as those proposed by the Governor. New taxes require a two-thirds vote of the legislature.

Just one week before, Democrats on the Senate Transportation and Infrastructure Development Committee approved a $35 increase in the vehicle registration fee and a 12-cent hike in the gas tax. A new poll out this week shows a majority of Californians oppose higher gas taxes.

California State Senate, 23rd District.

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  1. Randy Townsend says

    CA voters want Dims in charge. It’s been that way for decades. Let the taxes go up – let all of the leftist schemes become law. Republicans can’t stop it, nor should they. Perhaps things have to get really bad before the voters will change course. If they don’t, then they wanted this stuff all along. We get the government we deserve (those of us that choose to stay).

    • “Perhaps things have to get really bad before the voters will change course.” -Randy Townsend
      What do mean,”get”, Randy. Seems to me, we are there.

  2. No turning back now. California is no longer on a slide into collapse, it is now in a bottomless sink hole. We can think the poor managers also known as Democrats. Talk is there game, and throwing other peoples money at problems are their solutions. Time to pack up and move before my property is worthless.

    • You are correct. I’ve lived in CA since 1961 but it is time to get out. My wife and I are off to AZ this weekend to look at several places we are considering moving to.

  3. A “Dog Bites Man” story.

  4. Know what else? Gubment of commiefornia wants your own car to snitch on your driving habbits. Insurance companies for a few years
    now have a dandy little software connector that plugs into your car’s
    diagnostic link connector that will snitch your driving habits to them.
    It’s marketed as a way to lower your rates. This device “freeze frames”
    red flags such as throttle positions, braking time and speed. So move over insurance companies, commiefornia wants some of that penalty
    money. Now your car is going to be jacked for gubment information.
    Think about this the next time you want to vote for a commie democrack. Isn’t hard to figure out why the democrack party mascot is a jackass, right? They’re turning us all into jackassed saps!

  5. Ca state imposters-study at scanned they all have alleged their oath to a foreign entity-turning all orgs into corporations!! Such as CAL-PERS-

  6. Wonder what would the vote produce if only property owners and businesses got to vote – you know, those who have to pay the bills. The liberal vote consists of those who don’t work, don’t have to work, live off the govt. and perhaps are so young and stupid , they couldn’t tell you anything about govt. but they’re good at protesting, screaming, yelling, breaking up political speeches which others came to hear. And if you use what they consider the wrong phrase , their professors have told them they have the right to protest that too. This past year has seen so much malice from those who are supposed to represent our interests and I see no relief in sight from Brown and his gang of majority Democrats. No-info voters rubber stamp everything that comes down the pike. Mindless acceptance.

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