How Mass Media Missed the Story

trump-wins-newspaperNo one looks like bigger fools the day after President-elect Trump’s triumph than America’s political reporters, and especially those working for the major California newspapers who completely misread this election. Cocooned in their little world of liberal elitism they completely missed the real anger that was out in the country and that led to Tuesday’s astounding results.

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Most of California’s daily newspapers seemed to be vying to the Isvestia of the Hillary Clinton administration with one fawning story and opinion editorial after another.  The Los Angeles Times even went so far as to publish its own state by state “analysis” of the Electoral Votes showing Clinton with 352 votes, just about 120 more than she actually got. The accompanying story said their analysis was “based on public polling, state vote histories and the reporting done by our campaign staff.”

Instead of their “own campaign staff,” the Times should have looked at its own USC Dornsife/LA Times poll, the only poll in America that constantly showed Trump winning. But because this poll did not match the political bias of the political reporters, it was ignored, and in one case denounced.

A blog called CalBuzz written by two retired reporters took on this poll for daring to say Trump might win, writing on October 21 of the LA Times/USC Dornsife poll, “This poor excuse for a survey has been so wrong so persistently – and has been so constantly cited by Donald Trump as evidence of his campaign success.” Of course this poll was exactly right and California’s media establishment exactly wrong.

So what was the real story of this election missed by the political and media elites of California? Go to Harlan County, Kentucky. This is coal mining country, the very epitome of the Democratic Party that once celebrated “The Coal Miner’s Daughter” and worked to make life better for the struggling working class. Until 2004, Harlan County, dominated by the United Mine Workers, had voted for every Democratic candidate for president but one since Kentucky became a state in 1795.

On Tuesday, in one of the most historically Democratic counties in the United States, Donald Trump got 84.9 percent of the vote.

The smug California political class, and the reporters and editorialists that cover them, had no idea how unhappy working people are throughout this country. And now the elites will sit around their Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley mansions and wonder how they will survive four years of President Trump. It will not be easy.


  1. They didn’t miss the story…they lied to hide the story.
    People didn’t go for it…well the Left Coast did.

  2. CHOOO CHOOO Get on the TRUMP train California, City of whiners. I hate the celebrities and the all knowing media elite and even though I can’t verbalize my intense repulsion of them (because it would not be tolerated) I am gloating, goating and more gloating on the inside. A pall has permeated Santa Monica aka Santa Moskow but I am in the greatest mood since the introduction of cream donuts. Time to enjoy at least 4 years of unrest and stinking whining from the progressive left but it won’t be any different from any other day in this state. Just a little sweeter for me and the “minority”. As I left my polling place I told the crowd in the Dems line, “it’s nice to be a minority, sometimes it bodes well”!!!! GO PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP not my first choice but infinitely better than the other alternative of unadulterated corruption.

  3. Please don’t worry about Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley mansions. Of course, they would do much better under Pay-for-Play Clinton, but they will survive Trump too. After all, Trump was never against Big Government and where there is a big government, bit money always do well.

  4. Larry Evankovich says

    They missed it because of socialist bias! Plain and simple. They thought all of America was buying their philosophy. I am still concerned that a lot of American voters are drinking that kool-aid.

  5. Harlan County finally found out that if you play ball with the Democrats you will eventually wind up with the ball in your colon.As far as journalists view’s on the world, it all depends on the political view’s of the owner of the newspaper they happen to be working for at the time. Poor souls don’t want to have to go job hunting,slim pickings for ex-journalists.

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