Is CA ready for El Niño.

CA RainThe anticipation is building. Stories and news reports are popping up everywhere. Predictions and expectations fill coffee shops and social media. No, I’m not talking about the 2024 Olympics in Los Angeles. I am talking about El Niño. And, chances are that it will arrive this winter along with plenty of precipitation.

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The winter months in California provide us with the rain and snow to support our way life for the whole year. As the eighth largest economy in the world, the most productive agricultural region in the country, and home to the technological revolution and millions of middle class families looking to live a free and prosperous life, California needs a secure and abundant water supply.

Unfortunately, four years of historic drought and decades of mismanaged water policy have threatened our water supply so much that communities are forced to ration usage. Some even have to rely on donated water because their supplies have been completely depleted. And beyond the humanitarian and economic hardship this drought has caused, our environment has also been impacted. Today, our soil is dry and our forests are thinned by the twin problems of fire and drought.

So it isn’t a surprise that predictions of El Niño were initially met with the hope that our drought might finally subside.

And with good reason.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts the current El Niño in the Pacific Ocean has a 95 percent chance of continuing through the 2015–2016 winter. NOAA goes on to state that this could be a strong El Niño, bringing heavy and much-need precipitation to our parched state in northern, central, and southern California.

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  1. Stop and realize that the water problem alone will also impact not only our lifestyle, but our property values. Also, California is now known as a socialized sanctuary state, which means that it is one of the states where its citizens are least free. And with regulations, fees, and socialized programs gone crazy, this hurts the future economy and growth to all who live here. But it is an invitation to those who want or need a free handout, all at the people of California’s expense – taxable expense, that is. When will the California people take back their beautiful state and call it “home” again?

  2. I agree, lets take back our STATE……PLEASE!

  3. Governor Jerry Brown’s actions to support environmentalism might put as back in the middle ages, which the left would call Utopia.

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