Ivy League Faculty, Staff Funnel Millions To Dem Campaigns

Eight universities make for a small athletic conference, but Ivy League campuses are financial and political powerhouses for Democratic candidates and campaigns.

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Administrators and professors have funneled seven times more cash to federal Democratic candidates and causes than to Republicans since 1990, according to a Daily Caller News Foundation analysis of OpenSecrets.org data.

Employees at the eight prestigious schools donated $25.3 million to Democrats over the last 25 years compared with $3.5 million to Republicans, reinforcing the notion that America’s universities lean heavily left.

Cornell University faculty and staff are the most one-sided in their contributions, giving $2.1 million to Democrats versus $118,000 to Republicans in that time period. Yale University employees skewed left nearly as much as Cornell employees, giving $2.6 million to Democrats versus $173,000 to Republicans.

harvardBut Harvard University faculty and staff out-shine their competitors by donating more to Democrats than anyone else — $9.4 million total, versus $1.3 million to Republicans.

Dartmouth College faculty and staff came closest to being balanced in their political donations, but still donated twice as much to Democrats as Republicans — $618,900 versus $309,000.

Total donations from Ivy League faculty and staff may be much higher, as federal law doesn’t require donors to name their employers.

Others funneled far more cash to Democrats than Republicans over the last 25 years, too.

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Originally published by the Daily Caller News Foundation

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