James Lacy: Coated plastic balls spawning bacteria in L.A. reservoirs

James Lacy discusses with Fox’s Stuart Varney L.A.’s latest attempt to alleviate the drought by reducing evaporation in reservoirs. Their attempts, however, may be actually be increasing evaporation and spawning bacteria contamination.

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  1. Ready…..Fire…..Aim!

  2. Just another waste of taxpayers money and creating bacteria into our reservoirs and creating more heat due to black soaks up heat where white would reflect heat away. Who came up with this bad idea just to save more dollars instead of some other way to cover the reservoir. What a bunch of jerks we have in Sacramento.

    • facebook_Ken Kambuel.100001104155721 says

      Bob – lay this one on the idiots in Washington DC, the EPA and the fools in LA that know nothing about science. Mt. Baldy ski resort did this to their reservoirs to reduce evaporation, I’m guessing that NOBODY ever checked the water quality.

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