VIDEO: James Lacy: ‘Green revolution’ takes over The Golden State

James Lacy, author of “Taxifornia,” discusses California’s plastic bag ban and state government with Stuart Varney on Fox Business.

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  1. Too bad we can’t hold the eco-terrorists (as well as politicians for that matter) responsible for their hair brained philosophy.
    To the best of my memory, the previously used ‘paper’ bags became ‘politically incorrect’ at the insistence of the ‘tree huggers’ who felt that in cutting down trees, the brown eyed nesting sparrow would be without a home, so they demanded that another type of conveyance be used to transport groceries.
    Looks like we went full circle. (all of OUR expense)
    Too bad we can’t put a bounty or a special tax, (like an idiot tax)
    on all the the tree huggers with their insidious, constantly changing ideas.
    Another brain fart, whether from the feeble minds of politicians or the environmentalists to add (MBT whatever) to gasoline in one of their (not so good) ideas. It turned out to be a cancer causing compound and required numerous gas stations to be closed and the storage tanks removed before the ground water became contaminated from the compound.
    Stupid is what stupid does~~and we sure have OUR share of ‘STUPIDITY’ in this state.
    Too bad that ‘WE’ have to pay for that stupidity.

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