John Cox agrees Travis Allen is the Leader California Needs

Assemblyman Travis Allen, R-Huntington Beach, addresses the breakfast meeting of the Los Alamitos Chamber on Friday August 4, 2017. Allen will be running for governor and is leading an initiative drive to put a measure on the ballot repealing the road improvement/gas tax measure recently approved by the Legislature. He is speaking at Griffins Grill in Los Alamitos. (Photo by Karen Tapia, Contributing Photographer)

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In the race for California Governor one thing has been clear, Travis Allen is the leader that John Cox follows. On every major issue, Travis Allen has lead the way and John Cox has reluctantly followed.


On May 4th, 2016 Travis Allen wrote an op-ed in the Orange County Register calling on Republicans to unify behind Donald Trump.

For months, John Cox refused to say who he was going to vote for. After the election, he finally admitted that he opposed Donald Trump and voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson. Finally, in January of 2018, a year and half after Travis Allen urged Republicans to support Donald Trump, John Cox finally came around to supporting Donald Trump.

Border Wall:

Far before he was running for Governor, Allen has been clear in his support for securing the border and building a border wall. Including in his OC Register op-ed urging Republicans to support Donald Trump.

On the other hand, when speaking with Univision on January 13, 2017, John Cox opposed building a border wall. Just 17 days later, he once again decided to follow Travis Allen’s position and tweeted out that he supports the border wall.

Gas Tax:

On May 4, 2017, Travis Allen introduced the first statewide measure to repeal the gas tax. He signed up thousands of volunteers and traveled the state building the movement to repeal the gas tax.

Six months later, on October 18, 2017, John Cox made a donation to help gather signatures to repeal the gas tax and called himself a leader on the issue.

Sanctuary State:

On January 2, 2018, Travis Allen was the first to call on Jeff Sessions and the US Department of Justice to sue California, and stop the unconstitutional sanctuary state law.

A day later, John Cox announces that he too is going to go on Fox News to oppose Sanctuary State.

Reject SB 54:

On March 22, 2018 Travis Allen started a statewide opt-out movement calling on cities and counties to reject the Sanctuary State law.

Two weeks later, on April 3, 2018 John Cox holds a press conference calling cities and counties to reject SB 54.

In June, we know what we will get with Travis Allen, a leader that is not afraid to take a stand on the major issues facing California. With John Cox, we will get a follower and who knows who he will be following.


  1. Brenda Torres says

    Travis Allen has my Vote!

  2. Allen had better be the next GOV –last straw –everyone I know is leaving–do not need a stupid peckernose baldy brown crony like that idiot newsome to even be in government

  3. True Teacher says

    Allen started the gas tax repeal? Why are there two groups pushing for it? The last time I checked, another guy in San Diego was pushing for the repeal, and it isn’t Allen. What is going on here?

    • Travis Allen was the first one who started it. Yes we wonder why the guy from San Diego didnt combine with Travis Allen.

    • Allen started one and didn’t get one signature but raised 100k and he kept it. The one started by Carl Demaio has 900k signatures and was backed by Cox. It has been submitted and because of this effort will be o the ballot in November. No thanks to Allen.

  4. Anna Chan says

    Would you know how Cox fooled Newt now doing Robo calls? Who gave them the list of Trump Supporters? We believe in the true Republican Gubernatorial Candidate TRAVIS ALLEN, 3 terms Assemblyman from Huntington Beach. ALLEN called Potus and Jeff Session to CA for Moon Bean disobey the Federal No Sanctuary policy in the country. TRAVIS ALLEN along with others declared County Los A’lomitos No Sanctuary.
    Neuwt is very irresponsible to have endorsed Cox, gave in to Cox’ lies,Cox tells the Spanish Speaking audience that he voted G.Johnson & they are for No Wall, No Borders,etc, now Cox claims that it was a bad translation. Cox apologize to the English speaking voters that he made a mistake. Very disappointed that G. Ledger had Cox on his show. Does Graham know there there is TRAVIS ALLEN who is a 3rd time Assemblyman from Huntington Beach, he is also responsible getting Los Amito County getting out of the Sanctuary County. Cox joined G.Soros & made donations to Mayday Pac, you know that Mayday Pac is against the Republicans.
    Check out jointravisallencom You’ll find TRAVIS ALLEN has charisma, very impressive Stage Presence, Gives most sincere speeches, awesome in debate. We, volunteers have noticed that Cox has begun mimic Allen but he can not match physical appearance with TRAVIS ALLEN. The Dems can out spend Cox’ money, but only TRAVIS ALLEN can beat G Newsom. Please help us to get back California,,invite ALLEN on your show.

  5. Travis Allen has my vote.

  6. Lorraine Holmes says

    I’m voting for Travis Allen!

  7. Anna Chan says

    3 terms Assemblyman TRAVIS ALLEN of Hunting Beach is running for 2018 CA Governor. He voted no tax on Tempons, for insurance companies to include birth control pills in their coverage. ALLEN is Pro Life. John Cox twisted this fact with Pro Choice also wanted the fore written votes as if ALLEN were pro choice, this is another lie of Cox’ lie. You need to invite TRAVIS ALLEN on your show to be FAIR, do not get fooled by John Cox who flip flop his stands.

    • Christine says

      So he’s a career politician… he’s smooth talking but we should see what he’s been doing as assemblyman. I’m not a follower so I’ll dick for facts.

  8. Tawnia Gray says

    Travis Allen for California Governor OUR ONLY HOPE

  9. David Grant says

    If Travis Allen isn’t elected governor of California, I’m moving out of this soon to be over the top taxed state. A baboon like Gavin Newsome will increase taxes and choke this state. Please God bless this state with the Travis Allen for governor of California ??
    Lanes Granted and Travis Allen for California

  10. John Wallace says

    we need to donate to his campaign.. we are fighting unions and big money here.. grass roots, we need lots of small donations

  11. John Wallace says

    Travis Allen has my vote 100%. I hope CA keeps waking up here in time.

  12. Thank you CRP for documenting this copy cat behavior from Cox. As an early supporter of Travis Allen, I’ve been very upset by this. Hopefully this will help people wake up! Sharing!!

  13. Shygirl007 says

    Only TRAVIS ALLEN will get the job done for California mess that criminal Jerry Brown done to California. Vote for Travis Allen!!!

  14. Advocate for Travis Allen says

    Travis Allen definitely has the courage, the boldness, the energy, the vision, and the know-how to lead California in these critical times. Moreover, he instills hope and generates positive action by those who follow him.

  15. Trudy Curry says

    Travis has my entire families support and vote for Governor of Califonia in 2018. We also will be voting for Steven Baily for Attorney General and Chad Bianco for Riverside Sheriff.

  16. Marlo Jenkins says

    Travis Allen is the solid choice for California!

  17. My family is voting for Travis Allen!

  18. Finally…. TRAVIS ALLEN is pushing back against COX &
    his ongoing media blitz. There’s too much at stake to get sidetracked by a spoiler & a POSER. COX needs to get out of the way…OR…get SHOVED out of the way. Whatever works best.

  19. Travis Allen all the way to Sacramento!
    John Cox is a fraud.

    He is a copy cat too.

    He recently is shouting “Take Back California”

    But his original slogan was “clean out the barn”

    Something about him, definitely stinks?!?

  20. Aside from the fact that Travis Allen is the best all around candidate–I could NEVER get over the fact that Carpetbagger (he’s only been in Calif, full time for 3 years) Cox voted for Jimmy Carter AND Gary Johnson (that was a vote for Hillary!!!)

  21. Christine Mazurek says

    California needs Allen Travis . NOW

  22. Linda M. Naylor says

    I’ve heard Travis Allen speak at several candidate forums in Orange County, and have been impressed by his overall message – to TAKE BACK California! He has my vote; and I know of at least 353 additional persons who are going to vote for him!

  23. Cecil Compton says

    What I want to know,is who is going to clean the swamp in Sacramento,aND appoint new conservatives judges. Like asap

  24. Voted Travis Allen, me an 5 friends too. Cox didnt vote for Trump, is a DEM, doesn’t really care about border and the wall, HEARD VIDEO of him with my OWN EYES saying he wouldn’t ” keep company” with anyone who’s FOR the wall…
    TRAVIS ALLEN is endorsed by 17 Calif Counties Republicans organizations…Coz, only 4 counties… you do the math…

    Teavis is against sanctuary cities, cares about THE LAW

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