John Cox is a Chad Mayes Republican

When voting for cap and trade, Chad Mayes attempted to tell Republicans that he is supporting conservative principles, a policy “Ronald Reagan would vote for.” In reality, he voted for a massive gas tax on middle-class California families. The cap and trade vote exposed Chad Mayes as an ideologically corrupt politician who cloaked himself with conservative talking points while kissing up to a morally bankrupt majority and special interests in Sacramento.

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John CoxA close inspection of John Cox’s record shows that he is Chad Mayes’ soul mate. His conservatism is a facade, used only to gain votes for his own aggrandisement.

Similar to Chad Mayes, Cox is a devoted Never Trumper. They both proudly admit they voted against our party nominee for president. Even worse, John Cox didn’t even vote for a Republican, instead he supported crazy Gary Johnson. What every Republican knows is that a vote for Gary Johnson was, essentially, a vote for Hillary Clinton. There was zero chance Gary Johnson would win and voting for Johnson instead of Donald Trump put Hillary one vote closer to the White House.

As a candidate for president, John Cox ran on platform opposing the death penalty; a position that makes sense for a Gary Johnson supporter. However, this position does not fit with our conservative pro law and order values. California voters, which aren’t exactly known for rejecting crazy liberal ideas, even rejected this position in the last election. Instead, California voters passed an initiative to reform and speed up the death penalty process.

During his long tenure in Chicago politics, John Cox did not try to hide behind a conservative veneer.  He was openly a Chad Mayes Republican. He has openly bragged about hosting a progressive Republican radio show. Now, he claims to be just a conservative. California politics might be nuts, but not even here are Chicago progressives considered conservative. I doubt even Chad Mayes would try to get away with this outlandish claim.

John Cox would like to bring Chicago-style politics to the entire state. He wants conservatives to believe that his neighborhood legislature initiative would be a revolutionary change that would take corruption out of politics. In reality, there is nothing new or great about his proposal. It is really just a copy of the politics John Cox observed during the time he spent in Chicago.

The city of Chicago is broken up into a neighborhood legislature – they are called city wards. Chicago has 50 wards and each is represented by an Alderman. The Chicago system is riddled with corruption and has brought nothing but poverty, crime and destruction to the city. Chad Mayes Republican John Cox is now trying to sell this system to California as a way to rid California of special interests and root out corruption. I am surprised he has not yet told us that this is a system that Ronald Reagan would vote for.

California Republicans fought against Chad Mayes and the corrupt power structure that supported him.  We cannot now be fooled by a creature of an even worse political swamp, Chicago. John Cox is not a conservative and he is not a Republican. We need to drain the California political swamp and reject John Cox.


  1. No, he’s not a conservative and he’s not a Republican. That said, what is the point of conservatives bothering with CA politics any longer? This state is lost – if possible, move to a rational state and pity the freak show this state has become…. from far away.

    • Gerald Thomas says

      No, this state is NOT lost. We are fighting hard to regain our status as the golden state once again. There are plenty if us conservatives left here. Look at the ground we’re making fighting the sb-54 sanctuary state law. We’re not done yet by a long shot. MAGA!!!??????

    • The point is to fight the spread of the sickness identified as Liberalism, because the infection leads to Communism

  2. Gregory Brittain says

    You may be right about Cox, although he wrote a great article opposing Cap and Trade before it was passed.
    I dismissed his neighborhood legislature initiative until I learned that all laws must be approved by the 12,000 legislators. This would make it harder for the Dems and give us another chance to stop Dem tax increases and other bad laws.

    What do we have to lose by trying it?

  3. From what I can see, the California Republican Establishment is not behind John Cox.

    Yes, Cox voted for Johnson, but he is a Trump supporter now.

    Do not discount the Neighborhood Legislature. It has merit. Districts are small enough for a candidate to meet everyone in his/her district. This helps to level the playing field against big money. Elected officials are more likely to be in tune with their constituents and better insulated from being gulaged by their political party for not staying in line. The people will be better represented, provide they take an interest.

  4. Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss.

  5. nice try Travis Allen

  6. Cox supported a candidate who called Trump a “racist” –just like the mainstream media and Hillary. Cox is 0-5. What gives him the right to hold the highest office in CA.. is he even from here?

  7. Cox supported a third party candidate, never-Trumper Gary Johnson who calls Trump a “racist”, just like Hillary and MSM.

  8. Just to be clear, Donald Trump isn’t a conservaitve (by admission)

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