John Kasich and the “NeverTrump” Quislings


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U.S. Republican presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump speaks at a veteran's rally in Des Moines, Iowa January 28, 2016. REUTERS/Rick Wilking - RTX24HM9

When Germany invaded Norway in World War II, they needed a collaborator in the Norwegian government to urge the Norwegians to reject their heritage and embrace the foreign ideology of Nazism. They found Vidkun Quisling, who was installed as Prime Minister.  He was a willing accomplice, telling his countrymen that the Germans may be bad, but were better than the alternatives.

Norwegians didn’t quite see it that way, and when the Germans were no longer present, patriotic Norwegians promptly tried Quisling for treason and executed him. Webster’s Biographical Dictionary notes, “The word Quisling has come to mean a traitor or turncoat.”

All of which brings to mind John Kasich, Mitt Romney and the other “NeverTrump” diehards.

Kasich has started running anti-Trump ads in Ohio. Mitt Romney never misses an opportunity to put a knife into his party’s presidential nominee. They are joined by a rag-tag bunch of GOP wanna-be’s, has-beens, never-beens and folks looking for quick “clicks” to their websites or blogs. The one thing they have in common is that they all sing off the “Home on the range” Clinton song book. In the midst of their anti-Trump screeds never is heard a discouraging word about the Democrat nominee.

Some of them are driven by a stiff-necked, blue-nosed, prissiness which cannot abide a GOP nominee they deem to be crude, rude and socially unacceptable. Others, specifically Billy Kirstol and the Bow Tie, are mourning their lost influence among Republican voters – those knaves who had the nerve not to vote for candidates favored by the ossified conservative establishment. Kasich is still smarting from his humiliating defeats at the hands of said GOP voters, as he managed to win exactly one state – his own. The motivation clearly missing from them and the other “useful idiots” in the NeverTrump camp is doing what is right for the country, even if it means swallowing a bit of their titanic egos.

They and their like are quintessential Quislings. They are selling the same snake oil that ol’ Vidkun tried to sell to the Norwegians – abandon your principles and your beliefs to embrace the foreign ideology of Clintonism. Sure, the Nazis may be bad in some respects, but that warmongering, alcoholic, mad-man Churchill is even worse. Substitute Clinton for Nazis and Trump for Churchill in the above sentence and you have a pure distillation of the NeverTrump outlook.

Those of us of a certain vintage have heard this all before. We heard it used against Barry Goldwater in 1964, and against Ronald Reagan when he ran for governor and president. The “NeverTrump” critique of Trump is sometimes a verbatim repetition of the pejoratives (for UCLA graduates that means really bad words) hurled at Goldwater and Reagan.

Mitt Romney is proof that the poisoned fruit doesn’t fall very far from the poisoned tree. His father George, at the time the Republican governor of Michigan, actively campaigned against Barry Goldwater and for Lyndon Johnson. George also opposed – surprise – Reagan when he ran for president. The Romneys are at least consistent in their political tone-deafness and treachery.

As I said in previous columns about the NeverTrump derangement, I know some fine folks who have qualms about Trump – as do I. However, a large majority of these conservative activists have come around, are supporting Trump and plan to vote for him, clothespin on nose or otherwise. For they realize that a) a Clinton presidency represents an existential threat to our freedoms and b) the only candidate who can prevent that is named Trump.

The conservative grassroots activists and worker-bee types get it. The folks who actually walk the precincts, make the phone calls and stuff the envelopes are the ones showing true statesmanship and leadership. It is a few insular, sclerotic, self-appointed conservative leaders, who haven’t broken a sweat in decades, who deign not to get their fingernails dirty by doing actual political work, who are having the hissy-fit.

Like ghostly apparitions of George Romney, Nelson Rockefeller and Bill Scranton they are doing everything possible to torpedo the Republican nominee, hoping to create the self-fulfilling prophecy of a Clinton victory. Of course, if that comes about these same folks will deny any responsibility for the disasters that a Clinton presidency will most surely bring.

In his absolutely must-read biography “Witness,” Whittaker Chambers describes the “useful idiots,” those Americans who were enamored of the Soviet Union and refused to see the truth. He wrote, “To me they seemed to know little about the forces that were shaping the history of our time. To me they seemed like little children, knowing and clever little children, but knowing and clever chiefly about trifling things while they were extremely resistant to finding out about the important things.”

The NeverTrump brigades are Hillary Clinton’s useful idiots. I re-emphasize to them that control of the Federal judiciary and federal bureaucracy are the important things. Everything else, including each and every one of Donald Trump’s manifest faults, are the trifling things.

When I speak of an existential threat to basic American freedoms, conservatives and our institutions I am being quite literal. A President Clinton will infest the Supreme Court and the full federal judiciary with liberal activists who will make Ruth Bader Ginsburg look like Anton Scalia. She will populate the federal bureaucracy with conservative-haters who will make Lois Lerner look like Mother Theresa.

Chambers also wrote in “Witness” about continually running up against a certain force as he was battling the Communists. He says he finally recognized that it “was the forces of that great socialist revolution, which, in the name of liberalism, spasmodically, incompletely, somewhat formlessly, but always in the same direction, has been inching its ice cap over the nation for two decades.”

That socialist ice cap has now been inching its way over America and her freedoms for about nine decades. Its work is almost complete. Give it another four years and the ice cap will envelope everything, blocking out all rays of light, hope and constitutional freedoms.

The only way to keep that from happening is to vote for our imperfect but absolutely essential candidate – Donald Trump.  If you can’t do that, pick up a Berlitz course in Norwegian. If you’re going to act like Quisling you might as well know the language.

Bill Saracino is a member of the Editorial Board of CA Political Review.


  1. Donald J. says

    There is a lot said in reality in the last four paragraphs. When Trump wins are we going to deal with the traitors in our midst?

    • Donald – one of the most serious problems created by the NeverTrump idiots is that whether Trump wins or loses there is going to be a war within the GOP – and to a lesser extent within the Conservative movement. Those folks who are part of NeverTrump should be hunted down and hounded out of public life. They have done serious damage to the country and our movement.

      • Randy Townsend says

        Bill: Well said. The fight in the GOP is something that will never happen in the Democrat party. The Dims are all in for as much of a socialist government as they can create without explicitly disregarding the Constitution. Ruling by emotion and populism (when it goes their way, ignoring it when it doesn’t), they pander to the lowest common denominator in hopes of securing more government and less freedom. Apathy is killing us, but no republic lasts very long. So it will be with America.

  2. To lump us #NeverTrump into the same clown crowd as Kasich PROOVES without a doubt how lost the bitter clingers to the republican party really are. Why we keep losing elections and losing on EVERY ISSUE!

    When you all figure out why we are divided (HINT! Conservatism has been abandoned!) then we will start to fight back and win. Until then, we are giving NOTHING for young people to vote for, no reason for the old folks to stop their payroll voting with the establishment R’s and the left a perfect division to exploit and co-op just as those “great patriots” just did at their CON-vention.

  3. The only reason I will vote for Trump is I don’t want another 2 generations of liberal judges on the Supreme Court. That’s the only reason.

  4. Quisling is exactly the right description of the NeverTrump fools. They’re putting the future of the Republic in danger. Shame on them

  5. This is a classic! Let me add something here.
    For the past 50 years or so we killed about 50 million babies through abortion (hey, it’s a womans right, isn’t it?) Also for the past 50 years we had about 50 million immigrants of all types, both legal and illegal. The European countries have a reproduction rate of less than 2.5 births per household and for years now that has been insufficient to even maintain their population levels. Hence, the Europeans resorted to immigration. Guess what? It is out of control. Where are we? We are there with the Europeans. Except we’ve had a lot of immigration. (I am 98 now. When I was in grade school our population was about 130 million. Now it has more than doubled.) It is not a coincidence that Obama is allowing as many immigrants as he can get away with before his term expires. And Clinton presidency will continue with the unlimited immigration. Why? All we need is one more democratic party administration and there will be enough immigrants to upset the apple cart. You can bet your life that a following successful democratic party administration will grant voting rights to all immigrants. Good bye Republican Party. There is absolutely no guarantee that the Constitution will be preserved or our way of life under an administration that it itching to go all the way to Socialism. You already have Leftists institutions, media, many in the court system and philanthropic organizations. I haven’t even mentioned the Supreme Court.
    Early in my life I remember the Socialist Norman Thomas who ran for President many times. Eventually he gave up saying, essentially, “Why bother? The Democrats are doing it for me.” Yes, the Never-Trumpers, after all are true Quislings?

  6. Bill sure knows how to say it like it is. May the traitors wake up before November and vote Trump.

  7. Lee Dutcher says

    Our Founders set up a government (which is what we MUST regain control from the Obama crowd!!) and purposely did not anoint George Washington as the King or establish a royal family. It’s our principles not personalities that really matter. Principles vs Principals.
    If nothing else can’t the “neverTrumpers” see the difference between the contents of the Republican and Democrat platforms?
    That alone should bring Kasich, Romney, all the Bush family etc. back to the GOP or at least they should constantly ring the warning bell against a Clinton presidency and let their supporters decide on their own how to vote (even with a clothes pin). John Kasich was my first choice — we ALL had another first choice. But we lost those other 16 battles. I’ve worked for the Administrations, the campaigns, and financially supported all these guys. I’ve removed their photos and any remnants of service under them to the waste pile. CERTAINLY, I’ll never send them — or possibly those they support — another dime!
    Remember, “Johnny, if you can’t say something nice…”. Spending $$ (from what account?) in Ohio to defeat Trump is beyond the pale — why don’t you just go on the stump for Hillary? Think she’s going to make you Treasury Secretary? OMB Director? You’ve become obsessed. Just stop it.
    Bill Saracino is right on target — useful idiots!

  8. Rottweiler says

    In my opinion it appears that Trump expects to lose to Hillary and is in effect in collusion with her. It doesn’t surprise me California is the hot bed for liberal progressive leftist useless idiots. Any ideas where conservatives might accrue and to keep out the lefties? It will have to be some place unbearable because they can’t stan inconvenience or discomfort unless it is yours.

  9. with a few word changes this amusing article of musings could be about Trump as the Quisling of his boyfriend Putin

  10. I’m sorry but I agree with Charles Krauthammer when he states that Donald Trump’s needs are primitive, that he has an infantile hunger for approval and praise, and a craving that can nor never will be satisfied. He judges every action, every pronouncement, every person by a single criterion – whether or not it/he is “nice” to Trump. Vladimir Putin pays him a compliment and Trump falls right into the trap that Putin set up for him. So – when Mr. Krauthammer states that his is beyond narcissism…I couldn’t agree more. Either way – this country is screwed.

  11. Gerry – First, thank you for your service to the party and the conservative movement. In re: my negative comments about people in the column, if you read it again I hope you will see that they are directed at the so called “leadership” of the conservative movement, and folks who truly DO deserve the label of Quisling – Romney, Kasich, etc. That said – I agree 100% with your pastor – – watch and pray…or as we are instructed in the Bible, “Be still and know that I am God”. It’s all in His hands. Appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts. Bill

  12. M. Wheaton says

    Addressed to Gerry Blumberg-I am a Conservative Christian Republican like you, and here is some food for thought…During Bill Clinton’s presidency, Congress voted 3 times to stop partial birth abortions and Clinton vetoed it 3 times. George W signed it. Do you think that Hillary would be any different than Bill? Also, my first 2 choices for president were Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee. Interesting to note that they both endorse Trump.

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