Judge Robbed at Gunpoint Near Oakland Courthouse, Deputies Say

An Alameda Superior Court judge was robbed at gunpoint in a parking lot near an Oakland courthouse Thursday morning, the county Sheriff’s Office confirmed.

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The incident took place around 8:50 a.m. in a parking garage near 13th and Madison streets in Oakland, just a block from the Superior Court courthouse. The assailants were described as three males wearing masks, the Sheriff’s Office said.

The judge, whom law enforcement officials did not identify, was uninjured, the Sheriff’s Office said.

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  1. GOOD!! Maybe if MORE judges get a dose of ‘reality’ they’ll be more inclined to sentence according to LAW, instead of all this liberal crap of ‘REVOLVING DOOR’ policies (catch and release with NO consequences)

  2. Unfortunately, because this judge was mugged, the judge is going to be conflicted out of hearing any criminal cases.

  3. I agree with Carrie. The Judge will be ‘conflicted’ with most robberies with a deadly weapon. The Judge would be unable to be fair and just in cases like this.

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