June 2023 Budget Bills

There are still 3 trailer bills that are not yet in print, along with the Governor’s infrastructure package

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The Legislature has put into print 2 Budget Bills Junior (amending the 2021, 2022, and 2023 Budget Acts), along with 17 Budget Trailer Bills. These bills became public just after 10am on June 24 and will be considered in the respective Assembly and Senate committees on Monday, followed by Floor action on Tuesday.

There are still 3 trailer bills that are not yet in print, along with the Governor’s infrastructure package.

The Assembly Budget Committee will meet Monday at 11am and the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee will meet Monday at 3pm.

On Tuesday, Assembly and Senate Floor Sessions are expected to begin during the lunch hour or shortly thereafter.

The Budget Bill, SB 101 (Skinner), is already on the Governor’s Desk and must be acted upon by midnight on June 27, or it would become law without his signature.

Below is a chart listing all of the Budget Bills Junior and Budget Trailer Bills by bill number, topic, and status:

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  1. JLSeagull says

    The CA budget process is a total farce!. The Constitution requires that the legislature pass a budget bill by June 15th or all pay and perks stop. So they pass a fake budget bill by the 15th and then pass a large number of “trailer” bills making further additions (never subtractions) to the fake June 15th budget bill.

    Just as the June 15th budget deadline was added to the Constitution by an initiative ballot, another initiative ballot is needed to be passed that says ALL repeat ALL bills, budget or otherwise, acted on after June 15th would require a 75% vote to pass. Hopefully this would also affect those “gut and amend” bills that are used to bypass the normal committee and hearing process.

  2. Our only hope for a sane budget is the fact Newson is running for president. So far he has failed miserably at mayor and governor. He makes for the perfect democrat candidate.

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