LAUSD Student Test Scores Show Sharp Drops in English, Math Proficiency

Pointing to the COVID-19 pandemic as the driving factor, the Los Angeles Unified School District released test scores Friday showing sharp drop-offs in proficiency among students in nearly all grade levels in English and math.

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According to the preliminary Smarter Balanced Assessments, the percent of LAUSD students meeting or exceeding state standards in English dropped by about two percentage points compared to the pre-pandemic 2018-19 year — falling from 43.9% to 41.7%. In math, the drop was steeper, falling by five percentage points from 33.5% to 28.5%.

“As anticipated, the preliminary state assessment results illustrate that there is no substitute for in-person instruction,” Superintendent Alberto M. Carvalho said in a statement. “Los Angeles Unified is proactively addressing the decline in achievement performance, particularly in English language arts and mathematics, at all grade levels.

“We are working collaboratively to accelerate and realize the learning potential of every student, bolstering important support systems including instructional, mental health and community supports to meet the needs of our students and realize our goals outlined in our 2022-2026 Strategic Plan.”

According to the figures, the percent of students meeting or exceeding the English standard fell in all grade levels except eighth grade, which saw slight increase. The biggest drop was in the 11th grade, which fell by 7 percentage points. Third-graders fell off by 4.5 percentage points and fourth- grades fell by about four points.

In math, every grade level saw a decrease, led by the 11th grade with a 9.7 point drop-off from 28.6% to 18.9%.

Eighth- and sixth-graders saw a nearly six-point drop.

“Los Angeles Unified has acted with urgency to ensure our students have the necessary supports to recover from the pandemic this year, and these results further underscore the need,” LAUSD Board of Education President Kelly Gonez said in a statement. “We have invested in strategies — from ensuring there’s a teacher in every classroom to summer school, tutoring and mental health supports — that will help us accelerate learning for all students, particularly our highest needs students who have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic.”

District officials said a variety of steps are included in the Strategic Plan to address learning loss from the pandemic, including the hiring of more teachers, providing additional training opportunities for teachers at the highest-need schools and using the test scores to guide “instructional planning and personalized learning so all students reach proficiency.”

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  1. The bottom line is when you play “Identity Politics” and intentionally sow discord this is what you get.

    The test scores are a symptom of the plague not the sickness itself.

    The difficult conversation the Socialist/Communists now controlling the Democrat Party is how much destruction and grief are they willing to subject the people to? If history is an indicator there is no limit.

    You who vote Democrat are destroying in the name of building, but then again that is what Hitler, Stalin, Mao and others said.

  2. Philip Gallanders says

    I think that LAUSD salaries ought to be tied to student achievement levels.

    If the achievement levels rise then so too should salaries rise
    If the achievement levels fall then so too should salaries fall.

    The failure of the education system is abysmal.

    They teach that showing up is as good as excelling, which is actually dumbing down students.

    Personally I believe that the leadership of the CFT, the California Education Dept should be legally charged with malfeasance, child endangerment and political indoctrination of our children.

  3. Phillip G. I don’t thing any government workers including in the education field would take kindly to saving the taxpayers money, being rewarded for excelling, finding efficiencies, reducing the budget. One of the reasons they work in government is they believe it is “safe” and most could not deal with pay based on results/performance.

    • Philip Gallanders says

      Hey David, of course you are right. They will not take kindly to such a proposal. However, they all feed at the publically funded trough.
      They need to recognize exactly where their funding comes from.
      They do need to know that unless they work efficiently and effectively they will be let go. There are no protected jobs, no protected positions, as they are ALL subject to appropriate productivity and serving their employer.

  4. This is what’s been going on for the last 60 years. When they managed to take GOD out of the school system in the early ’60’s, then dumbed down ‘education’ replacing it with ‘new math, then started indoctrinating our children…..and now they’re blatantly ‘grooming’ our kids to be confused he-she’s. All the while with California leading the way. This is what you anti-American communist fascist dems keep voting for, this is what ya got!!! And the best part is…….I don’t even feel your pain.

  5. Everett is so spot on!

    Started in the 60’s and shame to say I had to grow in those conditions. Thank GOD I had great parents that were on top of this crap as much as one could be and attempt to keep sanity in our country.

  6. Time to break up LAUSD into 80 separate school districts with elected trustees accessible and directly accountable to property tax payers funding their local neighborhood school. As a former LAUSD employee there is zero accountability and no way to navigate the bureaucratic, Union controlled system, I experience the MANY benefits of being a property tax payer — a shared OWNER — of a single District one school campus operation. Proficiency is 98%. Parents or District residents want improvements, they get what they demand if there’s consensus. Schools have far too many money as property values increase. Our teachers are paid $160K to $190K for 7 month school year, 14 to 20 kids to a class with a FT Teachers Aide. Break up LAUSD! Start a tax revolt.

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