Masks Will Now Be Required At These Places In Alameda Co. Due to Rising COVID Levels

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) — COVID hospitalizations are increasing throughout the state. The last time California had over 4,000 people in the hospital with COVID was in July.

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“I think the challenge is that the numbers are rising and we don’t know where this peak will plateau,” said Dr. Jahan Fahimi, medical director of the Emergency Department at UCSF.

Dr. Jahan Fahimi says their hospital is not stressed yet.

“In many cases, its patients who are hospitalized for something else who also happen to have COVID. It’s not necessarily that COVID itself that is causing them to be hospitalized,” said Dr. Fahimi.

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As hospitalizations increase, statewide transmission levels are changing. According to the CDC, the majority of the state is in yellow meaning under the medium COVID -19 community levels of transmission.

“We have seen our numbers sort of subtly increasing since mid-October. Yesterday, we moved from CDC’s yellow into CDC medium level,” said Dr. Joanna Locke, COVID clinical guidance lead for Alameda County Health Department.

In Alameda County, as of Thursday, the seven-day average case rate is 21 cases per 100,000 residents and 149 people are in the hospital with COVID-19. Now, they are updating their mask requirements.

County health officials say that per California state law, they must now re-implement mask requirements in high-risk settings besides healthcare. These include:

  • Homeless shelters
  • Emergency shelters
  • Heating and cooling centers (staff and residents)
  • Alameda Co. correctional and detention facilities

“We are aligned with the state masking guidance. We have not instituted any new requirements ourselves here in Alameda County, but according to the state when we move into medium certain locations, we need to require masking for staff and residents,” said Dr. Locke.

What about the state? In a statement, California’s Department of public health states:

“We are empowering Californians to take voluntary actions, including masking in public indoor settings, and getting the flu shot and updated COVID-19 booster, to protect themselves and their families from multiple respiratory viruses circulating in the state. We are not considering a statewide masking mandate at this time. As always, local governments may implement separate and more strict policies.”

Despite the increase in hospitalizations, Dr. Locke is hopeful.

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  1. Stan Sexton says

    The reason Covid is coming back is because all the people who took jab after jab ruined their immune systems. Look at all the celebrities and athletes that have developed complications from the Jab (not the Virus). Masks don’t work and the vaccines are not safe or effective. There is no proof that the vaccine has saved even one life. But the vaccines have accomplished one thing – it has made at least 8 new Billionaires in Big Pharma.

  2. Both masks and the mRNA vaccines do not stop the spread of Covid!

  3. Oh, it’s the cold/flu/covid season….oh darn, So now we are going to shut everything down again because, oh, the vaccines that are not any good??? Or, preventive??? Is ‘Space’ germ free? we need to leave earth? Come-on…… talk about government control!! Government is looking out for you??? Don’t bet on it when recession created by your government spending Billions of TAXPAYERS dollars spent irresponsibly???

    Folks, this is all about an AGENDA.
    Please educate yourselves.
    This is getting OLD

    I predicted in 2016, that THIS, what is happening, would NEVER end, until WE put a stop to it.

    Everyone put on your 15 masks, so you feel safe, ok? Feel better now?

  5. In all seriousness, people…

    This “vaccine” cannot be trusted regarding ingredients.

    Also, if you have been unfortunately jabbed, a flu show going forward will cause havoc to your health.
    TOTALLY CONTRAINDICATED IF YOU HAVE BEEN VAXXED. Will cause flare-up of underlying COVID virus in your body and you will become symptomatic again. Please spread the word.

    I actually saw a sign locally that advertises FREE FLU SHOT! Now when have you ever seen a flu shot to be free? Not until now I am sorry to report.

    Suffice to say, the COMMIE DEMS don’t even want your vote as much as they want to see you dead!

  6. This is the “do something!” mentality at its finest. It’s winter, colds and flu will dramatically increase and since CoVid is now endemic, people will catch it. People who go to the hospital for other conditions can catch it IN the hospital, or may have non-symptomatic CoVid when they go to the hospital for surgery on their knees or something — they are listed as a “CoVid hospitalization.” It is a worldwide, major scam by big Pharma plus big government. The harm that has been and will be done by the reaction to this pandemic is lifelong for many. Many seniors now say that masking “has become our way of life now.” But everyone I know who has worn a mask diligently for just about all activities has been ill with CoVid–some 2 or 3 times. I’ve never worn a mask except when forced to, and am very active, on public transit, going to movies, etc. Since CoVid is in the air generally, common sense says that wearing a mask concentrates the virus particles so you breathe them in and out over and over, and dramatically increase the total titer of virus to which you’re exposed compared to just breathing normally without a mask.

  7. Silly.

    We’re not playing that game, big government sucks.

  8. “In many cases, its patients who are hospitalized for something else who also happen to have COVID. It’s not necessarily that COVID itself that is causing them to be hospitalized,” said Dr. Fahimi.

    This is what they did the first time too. Most of those people died from something else, not covid.

  9. Paint Brush says

    This is round number two of the control seeking public servant (?) tyrants trying to overwhelm citizens with fear and force them to do their bidding. We need those dictatorial folks to put masks over their mouths to keep their control freak comments to themselves. Not buying it this round and didn’t buy it last round. The way to stay healthy from Covid and other bugs is to keep the immune system healthy. The Covid so called vaccine is not a vaccine. It is a live messenger spike protein, mRNA, that is active in the body as an immune booster. It causes havoc with the immune system by over stimulating. Our immune systems know when to turn on and off. The spike protein has no off button and can wear out the normal immune system. This information is readily found on many web sites. So let’s stop calling this nano freak thing a vaccine.
    Natural herd immunity which has served us just fine for all the other bugs, can work with Covid as well.

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