Meet Some Prop. 57 Early Release Inmates

Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies inspect a cell block at the Men's Central Jail in downtown Los Angeles Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2012. Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca says he plans to implement all the reforms suggested by a commission in the wake of allegations that a culture of violence flourished in his jails. (AP Photo/Reed Saxon)

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We extensively chronicled how the Prop. 57 campaign was sold on the lie that only “non-violent” criminals would be released early from their lawfully imposed state prison terms. The decision on who gets the early release is now in the hands of the Board of Parole, whose release decisions show an appalling disregard of fact and reality. Some examples of these early release decisions are highlighted below.

Paul Karl Anderson — With a criminal history that begins in 1981, and included felony convictions for assault and thefts, Anderson upped the ante in 1995 when he robbed a bank with a weapon and then held a hostage upon being tracked down by federal marshals.  The Board of Parole granted early release from the sentence imposed for his bank robbery/hostage taking because they determined Anderson does not “pose an unreasonable risk of violence to the community.”

Rodney Hansen — This inmate’s current prison stint results from a conviction for threatening his ex-girlfriend by tossing a knife at her feet, then threatening to kill both himself and her. Prior convictions since 2007 included possession of a firearm and residential burglary. Nonetheless, the Board of Parole found this inmate should be released early because he does not “pose an unreasonable risk of violence to the community.”

Recole Mitchell — Mitchell was sent to prison for convictions of possession of a loaded firearm in 2016, and threatening to kill his mother in 2015. Despite a lengthy criminal history that begins in 2003 and included two separate convictions for carrying a loaded firearm, the Board of Parole granted Mitchell an early release because they decided Mitchell does not”pose an unreasonable risk of violence to the community.”

Paul Silvas — Sentenced to prison in 2015 for stabbing the family dog to death, Silvas had a prior history of violence as evidenced by his 2008 conviction for assault with a firearm. While he incurred five disciplinary actions since being sent to prison, the Board of Parole found that Silvas “shows compliance with institutional rules” and released him early on the grounds that he does not”pose an unreasonable risk of violence to the community.”

Governor Brown promised the public that only non-violent offenders would be released under Prop. 57. A bank robber/hostage taker, a gun-toting felon who threatened to kill his mother, a knife-wielding felon who threatened to kill his girlfriend, and a dog killer are probably not who the public expected back into their communities. But the public need not fret. After all, the Board of Parole has determined that none of them pose “an unreasonable risk of violence to the community.”

The ADDA has joined crime victims, law enforcement, business owners and public safety leaders working to pass the “Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2018.” We will soon be circulating petitions to put on the ballot the measure that will:

  • Reclassify currently “non-violent” crimes like rape of an unconscious person, sex trafficking of a child under 14, and other serious crimes as “violent” – to prevent the early release of inmates convicted of these crimes
  • Reform the parole system to stop the early release of violent felons, expand parolee oversight, and strengthen penalties for parole violations
  • Reform theft laws to restore accountability for serial thieves and organized theft gangs
  • Expand DNA collection to some low level convictions in order to solve violent crimes like rape and murder-and to exonerate those wrongly accused
  • Learn more about “Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe Act of 2018” at

resident of the Association of Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys

This article was originally published by Fox and Hounds Daily


  1. Something I remember from the first time California started the early release plan and the American People were threatened by Police and Prison officials with the threat that if they had to release NON VIOLENT CRIMINALS that we would regret it. So they made good their threats and began to release VIOLENT CRIMINALS instead of those who had been convicted of minor NON VIOLENT CRIMES.
    Once again proving that our government employees are themselves the criminals that we should be bringing to REAL justice and not just let it go and think that we are powerless to do anything to help ourselves, Americans.

  2. Yes, reducing crime and keeping California safe Act of 3018.

  3. Yes, I support Reducing Crime and Keeping California Safe 2018.

  4. Releasing the Bad-of-the-Bad certainly makes the lives of the prison guards less hectic, and safer.

  5. Neither the Police nor any Prison officials had anything to do with these releases. The releases are the works of the various Parole Board Commissioners who were ALL appointed by Gov. Brown. Their Executive Officer was also appointed by Gov. Brown. That says it all !!

  6. Do the crime, get the time………….
    At least that is the way it used to be until Liberal Democrats and appointees got in. Criminals laugh at us because of lax sentencing.
    Why does Ca voters continue to put these people into office?? I guess they will change when something BAD happens to them or a family member. Murder, theft, rape, arson, identity theft resulting in life savings being stolen………….. AND, how many state Senators recently went to JAIL?????????

    • Why does Ca voters continue to put these people into office?? Well. . . because they give us a lot of free stuff and they protect us from the feds and they love us even if we don’t have papers.

  7. Are you really sure there are any state senators in prison?

  8. A mauberret says

    Will this help fight or overturn prop 47?

  9. Victoria Smith says

    With Jerry Brown as our Governor, we can expect to be continually victimized. Not just by the criminals he releases back into our communities, who should not be, but by our government in unilaterally foisting more and more taxes and regulations upon the producing citizens, until we have nothing left.

  10. I’m telling you…
    “Jesuit Jerry” wants to depopulate and de-commercialize California….
    Pre-Serra population is his underlying goal…
    Actions speak….

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