New Proposed “Voluntary” Tax on the Water You Drink

Drinking waterAnother new tax is headed for your water bill, as if it wasn’t high enough already.

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Gov. Jerry Brown has been trying to push through a statewide tax on drinking water, the first ever in California history, and as you might imagine, it has been a challenge for him.

People are fed up with new taxes. That was demonstrated very convincingly in the June recall of state Sen. Josh Newman, D-Fullerton.

All the political tricks that were employed to save him — delaying the election, allowing voters to withdraw their signatures on petitions, lifting the cap on campaign contributions from other politicians — failed to prevent voters from firing the politician who cast a critical vote in favor of a huge increase in gas and car taxes.

That tax hike will face its own reckoning in November, when voters will have the opportunity to repeal it by passing Proposition 6, a ballot measure that also mandates voter approval of any future attempts to raise those taxes.

But despite the clear anger of the voters, or perhaps because of it, the trickery continues.

The water tax proposed in Senate Bill 845 would be “voluntary.”

Here’s the trick: Unless you opt out of paying it, you’ll pay it.

How do you opt out? It will be up to each “community water system” to figure that out, but you can bet the cost of the new paperwork will be added to your water bill some other way.

The purpose of the drinking water tax is to provide clean water for about a million rural residents in areas where the groundwater is contaminated.

That’s certainly important, and you’d think the state would fund that priority with some of the tax money Californians already pay.

You’d be wrong. California’s not run that way. Instead, you pay the highest state taxes in the nation, Sacramento spends all the money on things voters would never approve, and then for anything voters think is important, Sacramento insists on a new bond or tax.

Read your ballot this fall. Politicians are pleading for billions more to pay for water, veterans’ housing and children’s hospitals. No need to ask for more money to pay for state salary increases and Caltrans featherbedding — that’s covered already.

Connected to the proposed water-tax legislation is SB844, which would impose fees on dairy producers and companies that manufacture or distribute fertilizer.

The money would be deposited into the same “Safe and Affordable Drinking Water Fund” set up by the bill that imposes the water tax.

But the dairy and fertilizer producers get something extra for their money: protection from pesky regulators at state and regional water boards

SB844 prohibits certain enforcement actions for “causing or contributing to a condition of pollution or nuisance for nitrate in groundwater.”

The Agricultural Council of California and the Western United Dairymen are in support of these bills, as are the various environmental justice groups that are sure to receive grants from the new pot of money.

The Association of California Water Agencies opposes the legislation.

Nobody asked the water customers for their opinion, but if you’d like to give it to them, call your representatives in the state Assembly and Senate. You can look up their names and contact information at Don’t delay.

In Sacramento in August, legislation moves like you-know-what through a goose.

olumnist and member of the editorial board of the Southern California News Group, and the author of the book, “How Trump Won.”

This article was originally published by Fox and Hounds Daily


  1. We have cut water use and the cost is greater then 4 years ago.

    The Democrats divert or with hold money for water.

    Are you that stupid to vote at any level for a Democrat?

  2. John P. Hurabiell, Sr. says

    Jerry Brown is a complete Ass and a total idiot.

  3. Michael Ash says

    people need to understand all of this is part of UN Agenda 21 and 30 depopulation programs. Your being euthanized. In this case taxed to death. Your water contains fluoride a carcinogenic byproduct of atomic waste. Its one of the deadliest chemicals on earth. All these taxes are designed for one thing. Depopulate the area one way or another. While sucking every cent out of you they will force you to leave the state. look up UN agenda 21 and 30. Then read then read The protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion. You will know what is happening world wide at tat point. This is happening everywhere and unless you wake up to it. Your Screwed!

  4. Yes, Michael is right. Agenda 21 is widely kept a secret. Politicians will not admit to knowing about it and is part of the liberal tactic to control. It has largely been integrated into our system already.

    What is John Cox doing? He should be in the news and making news every day in California. If he does what Trump did in his campaign, he could get elected. Where is he? Travis Allen said he was going to work with him. I have not seen or heard a word in California news.

    • Kathy Benudiz says

      I agree! They need to be front and center as much as possible. They need to be asking people if citizenship and integrity mean anything in this country any more. Why does anyone want to put ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS before LEGAL CITIZENS!?!

  5. I would hazard a guess that any and all new tax monies would go directly to the ” GENERAL FUND” never to be heard of again in the context of the reason they were collected for originally . I’m positive that there would suddenly be more ” free ” programs for illegal aliens though as well as additional funds for existing programs along with raises , bonuses and better retirement programs for the government workers.

  6. Prop 6 is the one thing you can do to send a very clear message. Support Prop 6 by donating. Passage of this will save you. Not just the for the immediate effect, but for future schemes. Send a clear message, send money. Don’t just talk, take action

  7. Real Educator says

    The next item on the Democratic agenda to tax is the air we breathe.

  8. The “Exit Tax” can’t be too far off, now…

  9. The biggest criminals are the Liberal Democrats voters.

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