Newsom’s plan to crack down on flesh-eating ‘zombie drug’ known as ‘tranq’

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – California Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Tuesday that he will sponsor a bill to increase penalties for trafficking the deadly, flesh-eating animal tranquilizer, xylazine, more commonly known as “tranq.”

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Although Newsom rarely sponsors bills, he said that this action was necessary in combating the increasing overdose deaths across the state caused by the drug.

“Tranq poses a unique and devastating challenge in our fight against the overdose epidemic,” said Newsom in a statement. “Although California is not yet seeing tranq at the same rates as other parts of the country, this legislation will help the state stay ahead and curb dealers and traffickers, while we work to provide treatment and resources for those struggling with addiction and substance abuse.”

Xylazine is not approved for human consumption, according to the FDA. It can cause dangerously low blood pressure, a decrease in breathing rate and heart rate, and damage to tissue that can lead to skin wounds, large sores and ulcers when consumed by people, authorities say.


Additionally, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) says xylazine is increasingly being mixed with fentanyl, making it even more dangerous.

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  1. Don’t trust Noisome on this. Sounds like a perfect pool of Democrat voters. Any “reform” will only increase their numbers, in this world and the next.

  2. HOW can the executive branch of government sponsor a piece of legislation when that power rests solely with legislative branch of government? The legislature, in order to protect their own ‘cushy’ jobs should find a spine and stand up to this over reaching of the executive branch of government.

  3. The executive branch of government is too busy lining their own pockets!!! There is no more CREED in this world!!!

  4. sweetusuzee says

    Newsom is a noisy piece of dung but facts are still facts. This drug is fatal and it is not an opioid so it gets minimal, if any, benefit from naloxone. They use it on horses, camels and the like and it is powerful. Then these stupid drug dealers don’t realize it’s been stepped on with fentyl and all heck breaks loose. On the other hand, all drug abusers should burn in hell IMHO.

    • So u should burn in hell with all of your family because there is not one person in this country old or young small or tall that has not used “ drugs “.

      Drug: anything substance that alters the state of mind of the user.
      Drugs are substances that change a person’s mental or physical state. They can affect the way your brain works, how you feel and behave, your understanding and your senses
      A drug is any chemical substance that when consumed causes a change in an organism’s physiology, including its psychology, if applicable.[1][2][vague] Drugs are typically distinguished from food and other substances that provide nutritional support. Consumption of drugs can be via inhalation, injection, smoking, ingestion, absorption via a patch on the skin, suppository, or dissolution under the tongue

      So now that we have that out there. When can we count u in for bring a drug abuser? When are you and your whole family going to start counseling and when are you gonna submit urself to the state police for jail for being a drug user. So stfu

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