Newsom’s Vacillation On Vaccinations, Phase 2

Is California — and its politicians — ready for VAX War II?

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More pointedly, is Gov. Gavin Newsom ready?

Three years ago, the Capitol was wracked by one of the most heated conflicts in its history — legislation to make it more difficult for parents to exempt their children from mandatory vaccinations if they attended public schools. A bill sought to close a loophole that allowed doctors to approve exemptions without specifying reasons, leading to doctor-shopping by anti-vaccination parents.

Hundreds of opponents besieged the Capitol, claiming that the legislation would violate parental rights and require vaccines that could trigger autism or other adverse reactions. The measure’s author, Sacramento Sen. Richard Pan, and other backers were accosted and threatened and on the final night of the legislative session, someone in the Senate gallery threw a cup of what authorities said “appeared to be blood” onto the Senate floor.

Eventually, the bill passed and was signed by Newsom in his first year as governor, but he engaged in some bizarre political theater before finally acceding.

As the bill was moving through the Legislature, Newsom suddenly demanded a number of changes that weakened its provisions. “I’m a parent,” Newsom said at one point. “I don’t want someone that the governor of California appointed to make a decision for my family.”

After two weeks of private negotiations, he finally accepted a revised version, telling a reporter, “All those amendments, if they’re made, stamp of approval.”

Two-plus months later, however, Newsom did another 180-degree pivot, demanding more changes. Eventually, a final compromise was reached, but Newsom had violated one of the Capitol’s unwritten rules of conduct: once you make a deal, you don’t renege. It drove a wedge between the new governor and lawmakers that affected other issues.

The possibility of renewing superheated vaccination warfare arose this week when Pan, a physician, introduced legislation to close what he regards as a huge loophole in Newsom’s promise to have all school children vaccinated against COVID-19 when vaccines are available for youngsters.

“We have to be willing to take a stand,” Pan said. “We need to be able to respond to this pandemic and future pandemics, but there is this asymmetrical warfare going on right now, and we’re seeing the anti-vaccine movement trafficking in misinformation, threats, and violence.”

Once again, Newsom’s position is uncertain.

When he announced the school vaccination mandate in October, Newsom boasted that California was the first state to impose such a requirement

“The state already requires that students are vaccinated against viruses that cause measles, mumps, and rubella (so) there’s no reason why we wouldn’t do the same for COVID-19,” Newsom said. “Today’s measure, just like our first-in-the-nation school masking and staff vaccination requirements, is about protecting our children and school staff, and keeping them in the classroom.”

That would seem to be a strong endorsement of mandatory vaccinations. However, Newsom subsequently watered it down, at least verbally, by repeatedly reminding parents that they could opt out under state law’s “personal belief” exemption. Pan’s new bill would eliminate that exemption, leaving only precise medical conditions as a way to avoid vaccination.

Newsom’s new fence-straddling is not going unnoticed.

“He’s trying to be comforting and non-confrontational, but it sends a message that if you don’t want to get the vaccine, don’t get it,” Catherine Flores Martin, executive director of the California Immunization Coalition, told CaliforniaHealthline. “Gov. Newsom struggles with this — he’s trying to have it both ways.”

Yes he is.

This article was originally published on CalMatters


  1. Robin Itzler says

    Where once the nation looked to California with a bit of jealousy for all that we offered, now the rest of the nation sees California as a bad joke. Gavin Newsom is proof that you can lack intelligence and still win an election. It will not get better because so many conservatives are leaving the state.

  2. fed up with CA says

    Being born and raised in CA, I was always proud to be called a Californian. Not so any more, I am ashamed. I am moving away to another state. The world, this country and state are headed in a totally wrong direction and CA is leading the pack.

  3. Boris Badenov says

    Pan and Newsom are both IDIOTS, the SCIENCE shows that the Vaxx’s are WORTHLESS against the current crop of ‘variants’ and worse they offer zero immunity, just the promise that they may lessen the severity…..IF they haven’t worn off and you require a never ending series of ‘boosters’. Every one pushing these jabs ignore the mounting evidence that the ‘pandemic’ is waining and that the jabs are worse than the disease, especially in young children.

  4. This sets horrific precedent for the power of the State to compel people to receive shots for all sorts of things — forcing us year after year to undergo a series of shots for every new virus even those not as deadly as CoVid (such as Omicron). All Californians need to raise their voices against this exercise of power to intervene between doctor and patient. All parties should be concerned about this before it becomes such established precedent that nothing can stand against the State.

    • Using the logic that California’s schools mandates many vaccines for children to attend school, he ignores that all are fully tested. The mRNA vacinnes are experimental and are approved for emergency use only. The emergency is arguably over and long term mandates for experimental vaccines is irresponsible and probably unconstitutional. Show us the peer approved science this is based upon. We don’t even know the number of deaths directly caused by covid verses deaths “with” positive tests for covid. Most of the deaths are reported in people with 3 or 4 comorbidities. Most were elderly. Accurate accounting of vaccine impact on health is either unknown or hidden by CDC.

  5. I can’t get my hair cut nor go to a museum because I won’t get the jab. Why won’t I get it? Because I already had Delta and Omicron and have natural immunity which is stronger than any jab. Gov. Nuisance refuses to follow the SCIENCE. His hair gel has seeped into his pea brain.

  6. Denmark has thrown out all covid protocols as has Scotland, …. More in Europe are doing the same in the next few months.

    Then look at the Red States that have or are in the process of doing the same.

    The proven therapeutics are a better answer to this.

    But then again the RDP (radical Democrat Party) lives on turmoil. As the saying goes never let a good crisis go to waste.

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