No More Excuses – Audit the High Speed Rail

Gov. Jerry Brown, Anne GustWith the revelation yesterday that the high-speed rail budget for the Central Valley segment jumped a whopping $2.8 billion there are no more excuses to prevent an independent audit of the rail project.

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The cost for the Central Valley leg of the undertaking has jumped more than 75% from an original estimate of $6 billion to the newly revealed $10.6 billion. When voters approved state bonds to help build the venture, the total bond amount was actually under this new cost figure, less than $10 billion.

At the time of the bond vote in 2008, voters were told the entire bullet train project designed to run from San Francisco to Los Angeles was around $40 billion. That figure soon zoomed to almost $100 billion then settled back to around $64 billion.

What is the total cost to taxpayers now and how is the money being spent? An audit will tell us.

There have been previous audits of the system in 2010 and 2012. Both previous audits emphasized the risk involved in the high-speed rail undertaking.

Assemblyman Jim Patterson of Fresno in November requested an emergency audit of the high-speed rail project. Al Murasutchi, Chair of the Legislative Audit Committee, rejected the emergency audit bid. Because the legislature was in recess at the time, committee chairs have the authority to request an emergency audit. Now that the legislature is back in session, Patterson intends to request an audit before the Joint Legislative Audit Committee on January 30th.

There are no excuses this time. The taxpayers have a right to know how this long delayed, cost overrun project stands. An audit of the high-speed rail must go forward.

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  1. Time to wake up California Democrats and admit you are wasting our hard earned paid tax dollars for YOUR dreams, not the dreams of California citizens.

  2. retiredxlr8r says

    Agree! Audit, but through a Citizen panel, similar to a Grand Jury, but with sweeping powers to enforce decisions and members who have clean backgrounds and of good moral character. Too many times audits get swept under the rug or the auditors are in some ones hip pocket.
    I do not trust this current Democrat state government or its governor.
    And, why stop there? Audit Caltrans, the governors office, this cap and trade boondoogle, and all other state agencies, offices, positions, and any where tax revenue funds or supports.
    And, by a Citizen panel with the power to make it work.

  3. let bald head and his stinkin cronies pay for it and strap the asshole bald pecker nose to the front of the train and give the twerp the first ride over a cliff

  4. There needs to be an audit! Is anyone promoting one?

    • good question. try getting a hold of your representatives in between photo ops. demand it for your vote at re-election time. that’s a start.

  5. I believe the high speed rail project is a boondoggle— a jobs program.
    I do not believe it will be completed on time or any where near budget.
    Like Amtrack it require heavy subsidies forever.
    Stop the train now!

  6. Would California Democrats ever submit to an audit of this boondoggle?

  7. Don Dilldine says

    Another running horse in the making

  8. Don Dilldine says

    How stupid now we let them have time to prepare for the audit so we will not see what’s really going on. Suprise them .

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