Oakland Mayor Urges Residents to Take in Homeless

During her annual State of the City address on Thursday, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf called on her constituents to open their doors and residences to the city’s homeless, as union workers picketed against her for her administration’s handling of the city’s rampant housing problem.

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“Give up that Airbnb. Fix up that back unit,” Schaff said, encouraging property owners to lease apartments at more affordable rates to recently homeless individuals, according tothe San Francisco Chronicle.

“In Oakland, we don’t step over the homeless we step toward them,” Schaaf said.

The city’s uptick in vagrants is tied to a general gentrification in the Bay Area, stemming from San Francisco, where artists and innovators unable to afford skyrocketing rents have migrated to Oakland.

In May, the Chronicle noted that a survey by Everyone Counts found that the number of homeless persons in Oakland had increased by 25 percent since two years ago.

Outside Schaaf’s Thursday event and planned festivities, hundreds of Service Employees International Union (SEIU )Local 102 union workers — ranging from librarians to street cleaners to city employees — reportedly picketed against the mayor. According to the Chronicle, their stated aim was to draw attention to “the real state of Oakland,” as opposed to the one Schaaf presented on Thursday.

All eight City Council members reportedly said they chose not to attend to because of the demonstration.
Despite their protests, the Chronicle noted that Schaaf said she had great respect for the protesters who were “expressing Oakland values” and speaking “truth to power.”

Schaaf also took the opportunity to rail against President Donald Trump, specifically choosing to hold her event at the Islamic Cultural Center. She did so, she reportedly said, to send “one clear message. And that is that Oakland welcome and honor all people, all families, and all communities.”

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  1. Emanuelle Goldstein says

    So, how many homeless people is Libby Schaaf housing on her property?

    As for Oakland welcoming all people, as a conservative Republican, I have not felt welcome in Oakland for many years. I no longer shop there. I no longer eat there. I no longer attend sporting events there. As far as I’m concerned there is no there there.

  2. California resident and only in this garbage state would you ever hear anything like this. The so-called rich people in northern california do not want homeless sleeping around their mansions, right rich people???

    • I see, Max. So one whacko speaks for all of California and you just lump us all together? That’s like saying Colin Kapernick speaks for all of the US. Don’t be a dolt. Thanks.

  3. Just one more stepping stone of the Socialist/CPUSA Agenda. The Agenda just keeps creeping along and the brain dead just keep letting it happen.

  4. Section 8 housing is next?

  5. Stephanie Hart says

    Great idea, Libby! And it can start with YOU. Start taking them into your own home.

  6. Oakland has been a dive for as long as I can remember, it’s the west coast’s version of Detroit thanks to the liberal politicians that promote these type of communities for nothing more than the votes. East Side Palo Alto was the same back in the 60’s where it wasn’t even safe to drive down the street but I was told that area had a slight shift for the better. I remember the highway patrol was told not to pull vehicles over on the section of freeway that ran along East Palo Alto because they were exposing themselves to target practice. As far as I’m concerned Oakland is a 3rd world country with the equivalent mentality. The only thing I like about Oakland is that it’s hundreds of miles from where I live now.

  7. Yep, average Oaklanders should take in the homeless, most of whom have mental health issues and/or drug and alcohol addictions.

    What could go wrong?

  8. Brenda Torres says

    I pay Taxes up the Kazoo…California is one of the highest Taxed and the Most people on Welfare…Put them to WORK!!!

  9. Gregory W Brittain says

    The obvious question is how many homeless have Mayor Schaaf and the Oakland City Council taken into their homes?

    I will be shocked if the answer is not between zero and zero.

  10. Wonder how many homeless people Her Honor has invited to stay in her home? How has she “fixed up” that in-law or back unit for a homeless person? I imagine she is no more fond of bedbugs and drugs than the rest of the homeowners of Oakland.

  11. She held her event at the islamic center?
    She’s lucky that the muzzies didn’t blow her to bits, or chop off her infidel head.

  12. retiredxlr8r says

    I don’t know what to say. I doubt she’s taking any in.
    Are only unions and liberals in control of this state and her major cities?
    Seems a waste of real estate.
    Never was a liberal or a union that did anything for anyone other then themselves.
    Their unspoken motto is “Slice? I want the whole pie!”
    And their unspoken slogan “To hell with everyone else!”

    • Thank you retiredxlr8r! You said it all. We live close but avoid Oakland. You have to be very careful what part of Oak Town you drive thru. The tent cities are enormous. All under any freeway overpass. Some pretty elaborate tents, even solar panels out front.

  13. Freedome Fighter says

    Nice – great idea – she should start it and make herself the model. Tho – she’s young, pretty, and shapely – that should go over REAL well with some of her new roomies – eh????

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