Oakland’s Crime Stats Only Tell Half the Story; 6,000 Businesses Stopped Paying Taxes | Chris Moore

Small businesses and residents in Oakland are struggling with rising crime and safety issues, according to Chris Moore, a board member of the Bay Rental Housing Association. In an interview, Moore cited statistics showing over 6000 small businesses stopped paying business taxes in 2023, and businesses like In-N-Out Burger and a popular restaurant called Snail Bar have closed or been damaged by theft.

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Moore criticized Oakland City Council policies around public safety, noting the council has proposed defunding the police by 50% while crime rates for offenses like armed robbery and car theft have increased sharply. A restaurant owner described being burglarized three times and receiving only duct tape from the city to board up the damaged windows.

Residents say the current city council downplays rising crime by only comparing murder rates to past decades, ignoring other crime trends. Communities of color in East and West Oakland face significant blight and violence that city leaders do not adequately address, according to Moore.

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  1. The whole area: Oakland, San Jose, San Francisco and surrounding communities are in significant trouble due to the cost of businesses, the crime rate, the lack of holding people responsible for crimes, the loss of people leaving the area, the cost of getting to work, the cost of inflation without adequate adjustments in income and the attitude of the leaders who seem intent on destroying the area. Without a change in that leadership there will be no solution.

  2. It’s breach of contract. ALL Oakland businesses should quit paying taxes due to the govt not fulfilling the terms of the contract.
    Obviously Oakland city council feels the moneys collected from business and other residents of Oakland – either directly or via the county state or Fed – can be spent on whatever woke agenda they want to rather than securing the peace and prosperity for their tax payers.

  3. Treva Bennett says

    If I lived there I’d print this article. Pass it out to everyone that lived in my block. I’d ask them to meet me at my home or a public area on the weekend. I’d then try to do this with other blocks with all that show up. The purpose would be to vote these people out of office. They might need to reregister to vote them out soo you train them how to do it. You might even make some money. Get ballots at the Voter registrars office. They’ll help you. This could spread fast if people want to solve it. You have to get rid of the shot callers. From the Mayor on down. One person gets the ball rolling. Others will .carry on.

  4. Not explained is the nonpayment of taxes by 6,000 small businesses. Was it in protest, inability to afford the taxes, or did they just close…and leave Oakland?

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