Obama’s bungling of the Ebola crisis

The Ebola crisis has all but handed President Obama a chance to look like a hero.  It’s one of the few opportunities he has to use government purposefully, as well as to right his own sinking legacy-ship by a few degrees.
But he’s bungled it — either out of incompetence, or it’s deliberate: consider his evident pattern of thumbing his nose at the will of the American people, by using executive power and his magic pen; as well as his obsession with political correctness.
Ebola is not a “J.V.” disease. Fast and furiously, it’s wiping out swaths of humanity — nearly as mercilessly as the varsity terrorists of ISIS (aka al-Qaida).  And it’s here, in the U.S., belying his declarations — and those of the Center for Disease Control’s Dr. Thomas Frieden — that it would stay over there.  As recently as this past Thursday, Dr. Frieden wrote on foxnews.com that he does not support a travel ban because it would “isolate parts of the world, or people who aren’t sick, because that’s going to drive patients with Ebola underground, making it infinitely more difficult to address the outbreak.”
If you buy that, fine.  But just because these two men have titles, podiums and microphones doesn’t mean they are right.
Mitigating disaster is a two-and-a-half-step process: first, work with countries whose ports are frequented by west Africans, and ban domestic travel to and from west African countries. (This is apparently quite simple. Recall how swiftly the president grounded U.S. flights to Ben Gurion during the Hamas terror attacks on Israel this past summer.) Secondly, use military aircraft to fly specially-trained and equipped health care workers to the affected areas.  Finally, keep in place the recently-implemented airport screenings.
This would allow the government to do one of its favorite things: exert control — in this case, to control a crisis that’s spinning out of control. It would also dramatically reduce the possibility that a member of an airplane cleaning crew would become infected.  In New York, their union recently expresed legitimate concern over this. An Obama-initiated travel ban could earn him points on that front too.
In 2008, candidate Obama declared he wanted to make government “cool” again. Assuming it was cool at some point, he still has a window of opportunity to make it so.


  1. Eagles Glen of eagles says

    Ebola is biological warfare? Ebola survivors are carriers for up to 7 weeks without external symptoms. Umpteen countries do not allow airplane passengers from Ebola infected countries. Common sense.
    Next we have Obama giving terrorist explicit instructions how to use air travel, get through airport customs inspection to deliver Ebola (WMD?) on American soil. Think giving those instructions to terrorists is not intentional, causing all the risk, cost, congestion of society Obama can inflict? No. Very deliberate, BS excuses or not.
    EV-D68 biological ware fare by Obama and Obama’s illegals was no mistake either.

  2. Eagles Glen of eagles says

    Others noticed that the press portrays Obama as inept or other fluffy coverup when in fact inept is impossible (all or most of the time).

  3. Now he will infect our military. This could quickly decimate them. Safeguards within are non-existent. This could be the final blow from our homosexual leader.

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