Opponents of Repealing the Gas Tax Are Getting Desperate

gas prices 2There’s an old saying in business: Build a better a mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.

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But not everyone builds their success on creating better products or providing better services. There are some that specialize in manipulating the laws and the government as a strategy for increasing profits.

This has sometimes been called “rent seeking,” in the sense that it might apply to a storybook troll under a bridge, collecting “rent” as if he owned the right of way.

There are trolls under the bridges in California this year, and next to the highways. They are the rent seekers who oppose Proposition 6, the grassroots effort to repeal the massive gas and car tax increases signed into law last year. They are engaging in some of the most questionable campaign tactics ever seen in California. These Prop. 6 opponents are making millions of dollars from the massive infusion of taxpayer cash paid by hardworking Californians who need their cars in their daily lives.

First, let’s cover the basics: Proposition 6 does not repeal the entire gas tax — only that portion that pushed us up to just about the highest in the United States. If Proposition 6 passes, California will still have the 5th highest gas tax in the nation. Opponents of Prop. 6 would have voters believe that this level of taxation can’t even keep our existing roads paved, let alone build new highways.

Second, waste, fraud and abuse in California transportation spending is legendary. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office says needless overstaffing at Caltrans is costing taxpayers billions.  For what California is spending on the nation’s biggest boondoggle, high-speed rail, we could easily pave Interstate 5 from San Ysidro to the Oregon border.

Third, if transportation is so important, why can’t we spend some of the state’s $9 billion-dollar surplus for one-time expenditures?  Gov. Brown’s father did that when he was governor.

Bottom line is that this is not about transportation or the need to fix our roads. No one disputes that our roads are in terrible shape. But credible plans to address this critical need without raising taxes can’t even get a hearing in the legislature. Why?

The reason is simple. This is about transferring money — and lots of it — from hardworking California taxpayers to special interests. …

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  1. One of the many we’re fleeing this state in the spring! Can’t wait.

  2. Vote by donating to Yes on 6. I make a monthly recurring donation. And then vote a few people out as well. This got to stop; we’re not that stoopid.

  3. Jesuit Jerry has “daddy issues” and appears to be hell bent on undoing his Father’s legacy!
    All while funneling billions of dollars of YOUR taxes to his union donors in a giant quid pro quo of epic proportions…
    Vote for John Çox this November if you want to stop because Pelosi’s nephew is ten times worse…

  4. Californian resident and it is TIME that the LEGAL citizens of California TAKE THIS STATE BACK. The Liberal SCUMBAGS THINK everything is FREE….Jerry Brown and his LIBERAL ASSWIPES NEED TO GO..

  5. Great article. We posted it on http://www.PressCalifornia.com so more people can see it.

  6. Californian’s have a choice this Fall:
    Either have the 5th highest gas tax and the worst roads in the country; or,
    Have the highest gas tax in the country – and the worst roads too.
    If you expect any of that tax money to go towards improving the roads of this state, I’ve got a high-speed railroad to sell you.

  7. This is a way for the democrat California state government to fund government employee pensions and the high cost for his high-speed railroad. That railroad will not support itself. There are only two such railroads that pay for themselves: one in Japan and one in France. Vote to repeal this unjust tax.

  8. I’m a “stoopid” “scumbag” who opened this article with the hope of some intelligent discourse. I’m hating the gas tax too and will likely vote to repeal it but not because of anything intelligent you folks have said. You might have more success if you tone down the hateful and dismissive rhetoric

  9. what is that

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