Politicians Failing to Spend Our Money to Fix Roads

los-angeles-freewaysConsider this argument from Sacramento politicians: California’s roads, freeways and bridges are crumbling. Our spending on transportation is so seriously inadequate that a gas tax increase and other taxes are desperately needed to save California from ruin.

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If this sounds like the shrill arguments we are currently hearing to support an increase in California’s gas tax by another 12 cents a gallon and a hike in the car tax by nearly $40, you’re only half right. Those with long memories will recall that these were the identical arguments made in 1990 by Gov. George Deukmejian and transportation interests urging the passage of Proposition 111, a 9 cents-a-gallon tax increase combined with a 55 percent increase in truck weight fees.

Demonstrating that not much has changed in a quarter-century, promoters of Prop. 111 trotted out long lists of projects that would be completed with the billions of dollars in new revenue. Advertising focused on the benefits of Proposition 111, without ever mentioning taxes.

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  1. retiredxlr8r says

    So, if I figure this correctly, because of the incompetence of California’s legislature and miss management of revenues the States roads and other infrastructure are collapsing so they will further penalize her citizens with additional tax to support their failures.
    Is that right?
    I guess it is true that California is slowly committing suicide through wasteful spending, fraudulent management of tax revenues, burdensome legacy projects, and an increase in welfare and entitlements.
    Welcome to utopia, California, the Golden State is now rusting!

  2. Libturd la la utopia land of OZ and their irrational existence is beyond measure! Our decade after decade of single party dictatorship rule is starting to get rotten even to the ultra left! Incompetence, criminal mismanagement, fraud, and pure bull crap from firmly entrenched democrats is destroying our state! Will the last people leaving please turn out the lights in stinkramento, and ventilate the chambers to rid it of the stench!!!

  3. Once again we are headed for a Detroit style situation but on a much larger scale. The people have passed two gas tax restrictions for use of the money so the highways and bridges can be repaired and once again the legislature finds ways to spend the money on everything except. Just traveled I-5 in valley and repairs made last year are completely coming apart and will destroy your car if you don’t watch it. These repairs were just made last year. Someone needs to be fired but no one will because the union will cover them. Tell the legislature to watch what they are spending on and take care of the stuff that the money was intended to be used on.

  4. Michael Flynn says

    CA is too big and has too many politicians with their hands in our budget. California needs to be broken down into, maybe, 3 states. Hopefully that could help 2/3’s of what is now Californiaia to become stronger.Today’s California government is like a child with a box of chocolates that’s supposed to last for two weeks. It’s gone almost immediately and he cries for more.

  5. Would decreasing the number of people in CA by 5-7% help to turn things around? After all, there would be fewer numbers trying to access infrastructure.
    So, perhaps we need to deport all the illegals, not just the convicted criminals.

  6. What should be done is the budget money should be spent on the infrastructure and the water systems and not a cent on anything else until the roads and water are tip top. No effing bike trails, illegal benefits, choo trains to nowhere, tunnels under the Sacramento or any other social engineering, liberal, bullshit!

  7. What do you do with a Democrat-majority legislature whose priorities are in la-la land? The maintenance of the infrastructure in California is priority 98 or 99 on a list of 100. Oh no, we have to build choo-choos to nowhere and destroy dams and reservoirs!

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