Prop. 6 – Gas Tax Repeal – is a grassroots initiative

Gas PricesProposition 6 is an initiative measure appearing on the ballot less than one month from now that would repeal the tax hike on gasoline and cars imposed by Sacramento politicians last year without a vote of the people. If Prop. 6 passes, California’s gas and car tax would still be in the top five among all 50 states.

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Supporters of Prop. 6, those advocating for the repeal of the tax hikes, have focused their campaign on several compelling points including California’s overall tax burden (highest income tax rate and state sales tax rate in the nation) and California’s high cost of living. Other arguments favoring Prop. 6 include the well-documented waste of taxpayer dollars spent on transportation, the lack of any reforms and a decades-long history of diverting transportation dollars away from roads and highways.

The Yes on Proposition 6 campaign is being advanced by a coalition of grassroots taxpayer organizations and the state’s Republican Party. It has virtually no big corporate support.

The opponents of Proposition 6, those who desire to retain our status as a high-tax state, consist of interests that benefit financially from public construction projects. These include construction companies, labor organizations and local governments who thirst for ever more taxpayer dollars. They have contributed tens of millions of dollars to the opposition campaign for an obvious reason. The millions they invest in a political campaign produce a great return on investment if the payoff is more than $5 billion of new taxpayer spending annually.

It is apparent at this point that the opponents of the gas tax repeal will outspend supporters by a 10-to-1 margin.

But the tactics of the opposition campaign have put it in hot water.

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  1. They claim it will cost taxpayers $5.1 Billion in needed road repairs. They ignore the State is sitting on $9.0 Billion tax windfall thanks to the Trump Administration.

    Let’s see….. 9.0 minus 5.1 = 3.9 …. That folks is Billions in tax money left over. (Mrs. Hubble my 4th grade teacher would be so proud)

    If the taxpayers are paying attention decades of waste for Utopian Concept is now crumbling and the Democrats cannot say we have not had enough time. Time is up……

  2. Delbert Tharp says

    Let’s face it we all know that the money will not be going to pay for the
    road repairs needed but other dumb things like the train to no where. They have stolen money from the highway and infrastructure fund for so long they will do anything to hide there slush fund to pay for the union people.

  3. showandtell says

    Donate and/or volunteer if you can!

    Email every relative and friend you have to VOTE YES on Prop 6! Then ask them to do same with their Email list. This must be done fast as mail votes will be going out soon……… Remember, REMIND friends that Brown LIED through his teeth when he said No new taxes unless by a vote of the people………….. weazel!
    Also, look at other ballot measures. Another 11+ Billion????? I say NO! After the games the Dems pulled on Kavanaugh, again this just proves they will say and do ANYTHING to try and regain power……. Twits!

  5. AngryOldCaliMan says

    I have noticed that closer to the election, more road work is magically getting done. Reminds me of when I was younger and I knew my parents where on the way home from being out and I would feverishly clean the house. Once they arrived at home, it went back to normal. Same goes here….closer to the election, things are getting done…..I am not buying it. The money is going to support illegals medical and houing and food…..simply put. The wife and I are out of this state within the next 2 years.

  6. Long way down to go to match New Jersey and Illinois-

    More taxes a way of life coming. To fund Medicare For All etc Prop 13 will be summarily abolished due to the pressing public welfare emergency: druggies, homeless, uninsured, government pensioners dumpster diving, service workers mostly on welfare.

    Your life about to shockingly change…..and look for 2.1% of true value property taxes plus the usual absurd local assesments.

  7. Trusting the California legislature to do the “right thing” is a fool’s chase. If this passes, we are sending another message to the ruling elite.

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