Proposals to ban internal combustion engines in California are a bad idea

carpool-laneThe latest battle in Sacramento’s war on California’s middle class is the push to ban the internal combustion engine.

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Luckily, the effort has stalled.

The legislation that would have imposed the ban, Assembly Bill 1745, died last month, but bad ideas in California have a way of recurring like nightmares. We will see this proposal again, either as legislation next year or perhaps even as a ballot initiative. A number of so-called progressive candidates on the ballot this year have publicly stated they embrace this foolish idea.

The bill that was stopped, AB1745, would have prohibited the Department of Motor Vehicles from registering a new vehicle unless it was a zero emissions vehicle, beginning on January 1, 2040. Under the proposed law, a new car with an internal combustion engine could not legally be driven in California after that date.

A ban on internal combustion engines would certainly limit mobility and transportation options for millions of California families and businesses. And it would arbitrarily limit the development and use of advanced and efficient vehicle technologies, the kind that have already achieved great success in squeezing extra miles out of a gallon of gas.

Today, despite the availability of ZEVs, a substantial publicly funded rebate program and access to HOV lanes, ZEVs accounted for only 1.9 percent of the over 2,000,000 new passenger vehicles sold in California in 2016. And many of these sales are repeat sales to the same households, according to the UC Davis Institute of Transportation, raising the question of whether plug-in vehicles are experiencing widespread consumer rejection, outside of a limited group of true believers.

A ban on internal combustion engines is an attempt to force consumers into buying vehicles that they have decided are not best suited to their needs.

The better alternative is leveraging all available vehicle technologies, including efficient internal combustion engines, so that California can reach its environmental goals without banning or discouraging any technological innovations. …

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  1. California does not manufacture toilet paper. All of it comes in Diesel trucks. When the internal engine ban comes we will be wiping our butts with newspapers, if any are still in business in 2020.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for more.

    • UpChuckLiberals says

      Well, they can always ship it in on electric airplanes or electric Semi’s or electric trains.

  2. Bogiewheel says

    Sounds like an effort to save the dying electric car business.

  3. The CAPTIVE says

    If the electric cars are put on hold then just maybe there will be parking places for NORMAL cars to use. The elderly drive mostly NORMAL CARS and electric cars are not NORMAL . Should I “tell a fib” to get the parking sign that gives handicapped people the parking places near the store front?

    • sweetsuzee says

      What fib? I have a gas guzzler and I park in prime handicap places right smack dab in front of the stores.

  4. JLSeagull says

    I have an uber-Left acquaintance who recently traded in her EV for a regular car because she couldn’t drive to a city 55 mi. away for doctor appointments without finding a charging station and taking hours of time to recharge. .

    • UpChuckLiberals says

      Should have bought a Tesla. One thing they NEVER tell you is that EV’s use the most energy at freeway speeds. Absolutely KILLS their range. The Marxists WANT EV’s because then people can’t leave, makes them easier to control. Control their transportation, their food, their water, their energy and they’ll do any thing you tell them to do.

  5. Mr. Pickle says

    AB 1745 IS/WAS a bad bill from the get go. The author is SF crazy liberal Phil Ting (D) San Fransicko, and 2 other authors. Christine Garcia (D) & Kevin McCarty. Worst yet, are Co-Authors Berman (D), Bloom (D),Friedman (D), Kaira (D) Mark Stone (D) & Senator Wiener (D). As you can see, ALL Democrats for Bay Area and & LA……..
    This illogical bill speaks volumes about a fixed agenda, and the idiocy of this bill. These clowns list ALL motor vehicles, including TRAILERS, which are call house coaches. The bill text includes this. One cannot drive a house trailer as it has no engine. Stupid unintended consequence. Another is what about Generators used for emergency use, like HOSPITALS? Appears this is a first step, vehicles, then total removal of all fuel based engines. What would happen to FUEL costs for equipment if the Fuel Industry has a 99% drop in sales, the balance of fuel availability and massive cost increases would follow. This is the Democrat mindset of people elected that should NOT be in office. Thank God the author cancelled the hearing on this on 4/16/18…….. To the 3 Authors of this, and the 6 Co-Sponsors of this bill, take and shove it. The so called Clean Cars 2040 Act is CRAP. Work on something more important like the Pension Fund disaster, Repealing the gas tax & DMV cost increases that hurt low income and the poor. Oh, that’s right and I forgot, you voted for that increase in SB-1. Moral of the story, VOTE out the Democrats for atrocities like this that HURT California and Californian TAXPAYERS…… Grrrrrrrr……………

    • You notice they all suffer from the same mental condition: Impaired judgement due to left leaning progressive socialism. Otherwise known as being impaired by Party affiliation

    • UpChuckLiberals says

      Travis Allen for Governor 2018. DONATE today.

  6. The California Democrat-majority is hell-bent on a totalitarian government. The utopian goal would be: everything is against the law except for what we tell you to do.

  7. askeptic says

    A “fine” idea, but let’s see the entire government fleet transformed first, before the first “civilian” car is sold.
    You want to talk the talk; well, walk the walk first!

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