Republicans Will Sue Attorney General over ‘Misleading’ Gas Tax Repeal Language

Gas-Pump-blue-generic+flippedRepublican advocates of a California ballot initiative to repeal the state’s new gas tax will sue Attorney General Xavier Becerra over language he issued describing the measure, which they say is “misleading” to voters.

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The language, reported by the Los Angeles Times, says the referendum “eliminates recently enacted road repair and transportation funding by repealing revenues dedicated for those purposes.” Proponents of the repeal say that there is no way to be certain that the gas tax and new vehicle registration fees will be used to fix the state’s roads.

In addition, the Times notes, Becerra’s description says the referendum “Eliminates Independent Office of Audits and Investigations.” Advocates of the repeal note that the office, provided for in the gas tax law, does not yet exist.

The language in Becerra’s description must be provided by those gathering signatures for the referendum, and backers are concerned that the language of the description could dissuade some people from supporting the effort.

Assemblyman Travis Allen (R-Huntington Beach), who is leading the repeal effort and is running for governor in 2018, told the Times that “almost everything” in Becerra’s description of the referendum was misleading.

The battle over language is only the latest controversy in the fight over the gas tax. Democrats are trying to change the rules for recall elections to protect State Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton), who voted for the gas tax. (The Wall Street Journal accused them of “rigging the recall rules” to move the election from this fall to next June, when Democratic turnout is expected to be higher.) Democrats are also trying to remove campaign finance restrictions on legislators so that they can donate unlimited amounts of money to Newman’s effort to defend his seat in the recall. And Democrats are suing members of the California College Republicans who gathered signatures for the recall, alleging that the students misled voters by telling them that recalling Newman would mean repealing the gas tax.

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  1. Randolph Frodsham says

    Sounds like SOP for a Brown clone, tax and spend (as long as it’s someone else’s money).

  2. askeptic says

    CA is getting, good and hard, the government it deserves for handing over the reins of power to The Progressives.

  3. The Hard Left in Sacramento is like the 1950s Politiburo in Moscow that ruled the Soviet Union with lies and oppression. They knew nothing of how things really worked and could care less. It led to the crumbling of their ill-begot empire.

  4. THE CAPTIVE says

    Sounds like this Repub. in name only is a lib-left out to destroy all things necessary to keep an eye on all the corruption going on at the feet of filthy Dems . and their evil left leader Jerry Brown. This state will cave -there is no doubt about it and they indeed use “other people’s money” to destroy all that might make us safe and sound.

  5. Sorry “Captive”. How did you come up with Travis Allen being a “lib”? Hopefully, he will be the next governor of the State and will start dismantling all of the liberals BS

  6. Mary Kay says

    Democrats synonymous to cheaters and bullies

  7. showandtell says

    Travis Allen is an impressive candidate — very grateful to see him enter the race! Check him out for yourself.

  8. Christian says

    We need to start funding a PAC to educate the voters on this bill. I’ll contribute the first $50.

    Also, there needs to be a companion initiative that says “All gas tax shall not be borrowed nor encumbered in any way and shall be used only for the purpose of building, maintaining and repairing roads in California for the benefit of automobiles”.

  9. retiredxlr8r says

    Democrats are master deceivers!
    It is what you should expect.
    I don’t trust Islam, a lot of judges, or Democrats!

  10. Really??? says

    Simple they have deceived the public and done away with multi party elections. Now faced with a rebellion they thought they would not have to face it is time to degrade and humiliate anyone willing to oppose them.

    It has to stop.

  11. The Democrats do not give a damn about their constituents. All they care about is power. The phrase “public servant” is now an oxymoron in this state. When a ballot initiative to stop their idiotic spending, the legislature is in a panic.

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