San Bernardino Shooting: Poor Response by Politicians and Press

California has been hit by two terrorists who caused multiple deaths and injuries. So what was the response of our media and political elites when this happened on Wednesday: hysteria over gun laws.

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From the beginning it was clear San Bernardino was not just another nut case shooting; the terrorists were dressed military style, they had bombs as well as guns, and a sophisticated plan to escape. One way or another they were well trained in terrorist techniques.

So how did California’s leading newspapers greet all this?  “Another day, another massacre,” writes Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez.  “We’re reminded that no country in the world has the level of gun violence we do.”   Not to be outdone, the Times lead editorial begins with: “Horror in San Bernardino: The U.S. infatuation with guns is bordering on a society-wide suicidal impulse.”

Up north, the Sacramento Bee editorial begins with: “San Bernardino shooting, shocking yet almost normal.  No matter what you call it, the root of the problem is the same: America allows too many guns to fall into the hands of too many people who should not have them.”

Well, how about bombs and guns in the hands of terrorists; the Bee does not have much to say about that.

This Pollyannaish response extended to our political leaders as well. Gov. Jerry Brown, so full of himself over saving the earth from a few more degrees of heat, had nothing to say about terrorism in his own statement.  President Obama called for closing the gun show loophole.

Perhaps the president should be more focused on the terrorist visa loophole, since the Pakistani-born terrorist in San Bernardino came into this country on a “fiancé visa.”

Throughout Wednesday night and all day Thursday the facts have come out on the terrorist couple, showing that they were experts in al-Qaeda style bomb making, that the American-born male terrorist travelled extensively in the Middle East, had some contacts to people on federal terrorist watch lists, and that the attacks were carefully planned and expertly carried out.

Gun laws had nothing to do with them. It is like saying that if France just had stronger gun laws, the Paris attackers would have been deterred. The San Bernardino terrorists bought their guns legally, and this in California that has been passing gun control laws for almost 30 years.  Lots of good they have done. When people are busy making pipe bombs in their apartment, somehow the gun show loophole seems pretty minor.

When the Republican Congress passed legislation to slow down the influx of Syrian refugees because they cannot be vetted to make sure terrorists have not infiltrated them, the California elite just pooh-poohed the threat and condemned the legislation.  Well, now we have a terrorist allowed into this country from Pakistan, a known hotbed of terrorist training, and what do our elites have to say, let’s pass more gun laws.

For far too long, the attitude of the political and media elite in this state to the very real threat of terrorism has been nothing short of brain dead.  Perhaps San Bernardino will be a wake-up call on the need for more visa and other controls at our borders.  But I am not hopeful; Chicken Little hysteria about gun control is a much easier response.

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  1. Leftist media outlets are the problem. They support illegal immigration, open borders, and unlimited immigration from the Middle East and Africa. For them, America is too white. For them, our Republic is the problem. For we, The People, recognizing the enemies of our Republic are important to the successful removal of this cancer from our society.

  2. Why is it always about Guns? Guns are not the problem! It’s the people behind the GUNs the jerk pulling the trigger is the problem. You can get anything across the southern border!! You let every dirtbag in this country just so they can vote Democrat. And then you complian against Guns. Maybe it’s the people you let into this country that is the problem?

  3. We need people who are at least aware of what goes on out on the streets to be in positions of power and authority. We have fallen into the trap of electing people who only know the class room, board room, and ivory tower. These “elite” only know privilege and don’t give a hoot about “common” people. Did you ever notice that it’s very rare that someone who was born to an uber wealthy family becomes a mass murdering, psychopathic killer? This nation was built from the bottom up not from the top down. It was built that way so that all can have a chance at a good life. This is what made this nation the most desired destination on the planet. This is why people still wish they were born here instead of some third world dung heap. And The People need to rule again if it is even going to stay a stable, safe, clean, prosperous and desirable nation to live in. Let the “elites” rule and the people at the bottom will kill their way to the top or die trying. They don’t teach “street smarts” in schools. Now days we are lucky if they teach reading writing and arithmetic. Instead the “elite” think we need classes on being sensitive to someone who can’t figure out what sex they are or want to be. There is Good and there is Evil. To say there is no God you deny this principal. However the key to the Universe is balance and the denial of God means the denial of the principal of good vs. evil and things go out of balance and chaos ensues. So, keep electing people based on their level of education and who they know. We will be the global elites nature park once they wipe out 6.5 billion people via their “Agenda 21”. In the mean time, see you in the spirit realm baby. Hope you made the cut so I don’t have to hear you screaming for a drop of water for your tongue.

  4. A popular defense of Islamic terrorism is, the US has our own home-grown (read “right wing”) terrorists, and the name of the infamous Timothy McVeigh is invoked. Even President Obama’s friend Bill Ayers and his Weather Undergrounders were home-grown, though no one mentions left wing in most of the news media, and they mostly killed themselves.

    McVeigh did not use a gun, and managed a massacre. 9/11 terrorists did not use guns. IRA terrorism was famous for its explosiveness. Poison gas has been used, and not just in middle eastern countries.

    The headline and editorial writers always jump on the bandwagon that’s rolling that day. They want gun control and think everyone else should want it, too, and say they think it works. In spite of the obvious fact that it does not.

    Lets opt for terrorism control, OK? Pipe bombs in your apartment?
    I profile you as a terrorist, no matter where you come from.
    Home-grown? Do not pass Go.
    Immigrant? Out.

    Locking up spray cans has not stopped graffiti. Locking up pipes will not stop pipe bombs. Locking up guns, or kitchen knives, or baseball bats will not stop murder. We should have the freedom to own all these lethal objects, and to lock up or kick out the cowards and sociopaths who would use them against us.

    I knew I stopped reading the LA Times for a reason. Stroke prevention.

  5. In the wake of OKC, we had controls put on the sale of Aluminum Nitrate fertilizer, will we now see waiting periods, background checks, and mandatory reporting of sales of pipe, both cast-iron and PVC?

    And just for snark: Which makes a better pipe-bomb, a Meerschaum, or corn-cob?

  6. San Berdoo council gave a news conference showing their weakness and cowardness. “Denial” is their problem. The attack was an act of war, to deem otherwise is foolishness and insults the victims who lost their lives.

  7. Its all by design……..we have a Muslim lover in the White House. Our leadership is the problem. Will never understand why some Americans can’t see what is happening right in front of them and won’t stand up and demand this President protect our people and our country first!! If Impeachment is the only solution then let’s get on with it.

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