San Francisco Macy’s to close in devastating blow to downtown

Macy’s will close its massive flagship store in Union Square, San Francisco officials said Tuesday, a major setback to the city’s premier shopping district and its larger downtown recovery efforts during an election year.

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The store will remain open until the company finds a buyer for the property, Mayor London Breed said in a statement Tuesday morning. The Chronicle has learned that the store will remain open until at least 2025. 

“The process to undergo the sale of their building to a new owner with their own vision for this site will take time, and Macy’s will stay open for the foreseeable future and people will remain employed at the store,” Breed said. “Macy’s has expressed to me their commitment to remaining a part of Union Square and our City while they undergo this transition. The City will continue to work closely with Macy’s and any potential new owner to ensure this iconic location continues to serve San Francisco for decades to come.”

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Representatives of Macy’s would not confirm the news Tuesday morning. But the Chronicle has learned that the Macy’s at Northgate Mall in San Rafael will also close.

Concerns about the future of the store were rampant early Tuesday morning after Macy’s Inc. announced during an earnings call that it plans to shutter 150 “underproductive” stores across the country through 2026, including 50 by the end of the year. The move came in response to dropping sales and consumer demand shifting online. The company’s investor relations team declined to release the list of stores being closed.

The San Francisco Business Times was first to confirm the Union Square store’s closure.

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  1. What makes me laugh is they turn the city into a craphole and wonder why people and businesses leave? Are they really that stupid?

  2. Richard Cathcart says

    I. Magnin, Gump’s, City of Paris–those were the days for window-shopping and purchases of wonderfully made things. Nowadays, shoppers are eyed by druggies, criminals and over-paid/over-perked bureaucrats and means elected politicians. I never wish to see San Francisco ever again.

    • You are right.

      The Frisco never got it about streets flow, and parking. They thought they could do what they wanted.

      It is like a plague spreading across the State. All one has to do is look around and see how people are now returning to a greater use of stores, to shop in. It only took about 3 years.

      The I’ll buy on line and return at no cost if I don’t like it is costing companies way too much.

      10 years ago the traffic engineer for Frisco attempted to stop the insanity of the Socialist Left and he was eventually fired.

      What I find amazing is the song of the 1960’s complaining about the ‘TICKY TACKY’ houses in Frisco is now the template for future destruction of cities and slums.

      Richard is right about the low life’s that habit the towns and cities of high density stupidity.

      SO LET’S ALL VOTE DEMOCRAT….then move to a State of sanity not Kalif.

  3. My wife and I spent a lot of shopping time in that store many years ago. Loved the downstairs cooking and kitchen section. Better than Williams-Sonoma any day.

    Met Julia Child there. WOW what an experience that was.

  4. I’m sure ‘Frisco’ gets this all the time, but…….’ya get what ya vote for’. Kommiefornia, the state of Pelosi’s commies and NewScums morons!! (formerly the democrat party)

  5. Gerry Moreno says

    I am surprised it took this long for the stores to close at Union Square. We went to a Food Show at Moscone Center over 20 years ago and walking from Union Square hotel to the center then was seeing people crapping on the street and begging for money. Grusome Newsom and his followers turned a beautiful city into a place where no one wanted to visit any time. As a native of California, I am really ashamed of what the liberal politics has done to our state and no one is willing to change the politics for a better state.

  6. STEPHANIE says

    My mother used to take us downtown ever Christmas to see the tree at the city of Paris and visit the stores and look at the windows all decorated. We all dressed up and she wore white gloves. It breaks my heart to see what sf is like now. I’m glad I’m gone. But the people there voted for this mess. I have no sympathy for them. You reap what you sow.

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