San Francisco mass shooting: Five people shot, one fatally, in Tenderloin District

Five people were shot, and one man was killed, early Thursday morning in San Francisco’s Tenderloin neighborhood, police said. 

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Yalonda M. James/The Chronicle

Police said they responded to an area near Turk and Hyde streets shortly after 2:30 a.m. where they found four men and one woman suffering from gunshot wounds.  

All five people were hospitalized with life-threatening injuries and one man was later pronounced dead. 

San Francisco police officials did not respond to requests for additional information about the shooting.

Supervisor Dean Preston, who represents the Tenderloin, said in a statement that his office was “horrified” at the shooting. 

“We are in touch with Tenderloin Station and hope this case will be solved as soon as possible. We extend our condolences to the deceased victim’s loved ones and wish for a speedy recovery for those who were injured,” Preston said in a statement.

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  1. John Hurabiell says

    Given the leadership of this City this violence is to be expected.

  2. Hey!!!!!!! Wait a minute!!!!!! I just got this emailed to me on Friday morning AFTER 9 AM. This is the FIRST I have heard ANYTHING about it. I am tired about hearing so many stories about Iowa (still), New Hampshire, Michelle, and immigration where nothing will happen, and Adam Schiff being a shoe-in…..but NOTHING about this. Wow!!!!

  3. Bobbye, you expected more from the establishment media?

  4. This was my neighborhood back in law school. Violent place then, almost 40 years ago. Progressives have managed to advance only mass violence and mass poop.

  5. John the Patriot says

    I’m sure Governor Climate Change and Mayor Tony Toni Tone will both say we need MORE gun control laws to SOLVE situations like this.

  6. Nancy Cochran says

    Another blow to SF tourism. Though these kinds of incidents have occurred for many years, this news, coupled with shootup drug galleries, public streets and sidewalks littered with feces, garbage and used needles deters travelers from near and far. As a San Joaquin Valley resident and native San Franciscan, I have not visited SF for several years. Most people I know are not interested in that has-been city any more.

  7. Follow the bouncing ball. Office rentals are up, retail sales are up, tourism is up, vagrancy is down, and crime is down. Those are the mantras people are to repeat and if they are said enough times, they become the truth, don’t they?

    For those at all familiar with SF, there is a Tenderloin south of Market Street, while this one is north of Market Street and just a few blocks west of once-upscale Union Square as well as City Hall and a UC law school. The irony of such mayhem so close to public policy makers and lawyers is not lost on this writer.

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