San Francisco Passes Retail Worker Bill Of Rights

Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, San Francisco passed a law designed to prevent employers from scheduling workers with little notice.

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The law, also known as the Worker Bill of Rights, was passed by the San Francisco’s City Council and combines two pieces of legislation containing five provisions designed to make it easier for hourly workers at many of the city’s restaurants and stores.

KTIC explains the law will require employers to post schedules two or more weeks in advance and restrict these businesses from hiring new employees before giving additional hours to existing part-time employees. Additionally, the law will require employers to pay employees for any hours where they are put on call, even if the shift is ultimately canceled.

A writer for Vox argued that the absence of such laws can make life very tough for workers who have to schedule their work around other life commitments like children and other jobs. Uncertain hours also mean unpredictable income.

However, some experts see such a law as having profoundly negative outcomes for businesses and employees alike.

“Anyone who has ever run a lemonade stand knows this won’t work,” Michael Saltsman, a research director at Employment Policies Institute, told The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Saltsman predicts that the law will cause employers to give their employees less hours. Before a business may “staff up” or hire more part time workers to accommodate busy days or shifts, they will be less likely to do so knowing they may be penalized if they had to change the schedule at the last second because they got less or more customers then what they expected.

The law will also likely lead to worse service because fewer people than needed will be working a given shift.

“The net result is there is going to be fewer opportunities created,” Saltsman added.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is a particularly busy time for retail employees.

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  1. San Francisco should fall off into the Pacific ocean. That would stop all the ridiculous BS that goes on there!!

    • and would all those people dying make you feel better, I may not like SanFrans politics but I don’t wish death on everyone in the vacinity, otherwise all cities would be like Ferguson

  2. We certainly need to put these evil employers in their place. After all, what right have they to attempt to run their business and attempt to turn a profit. At a time when we have a bad economy and many people unemployed, we should do all we can to make running a business as difficult as possible.

  3. Why don’t they just get honest and call it the Barista Bill of Rights?

  4. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    “and restrict these businesses from hiring new employees before giving additional hours to existing part-time employees” …….
    So if stores want to hire additional help for the Holiday Boost in customer traffic, to have more customers speedily helped, they instead can only extend existing workers shifts, making customers wait (and probably leave)??? Which is pandemic in SF, idiocy or lunacy? Government that can’t manage itself presumes to micromanage the businesses that fund it! Absurd!

  5. Maybe they should pass a CITIZENS BILL OF RIGHTS….. so we know when they are going to make idiotic bills and laws that invade on the rights of small business…………… these idiots try to Micro Manage everything ………….. like some communist dictator.

  6. Roger V. Tranfaglia says

    Here in Midcoast ME. the super Walmart schedules 3 weeks in advance,p/t and f/t. They are not forced to give extra hours to p/t unless there are TOO many absences. The Shack as far as I know still runs a tight ship.

  7. onetermandout says

    Per the messiah and the loonies in moon beam land, you HAVE to punish those awful employers!
    Don’t they know employers exist only to provide jobs and pay taxes? Damn the customers!

  8. The Worker Bull of Rights serous omission is the lack of protection of workers from San Francisco City Government, Board of Supervisors, City Counsel, and others who collect a salary (from those who truly labor) under false pretenses and bogus laws and regulations.
    They will not be ‘Fergusoned,’ but they will be driven away by the diaspora of the very source of their income. When management destroys the very thing it was meant to manage, the rats begin to eat each other, the story comes to its end.
    It would be nice if this precipitated rigorous examination of the corruption that defines City Hall.
    Otherwise, soon it will be supported only by illegal aliens who will not pay a Freedom Tax.

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