School District in Orange County Becomes Latest in California to Approve Transgender Policy

The Orange Unified School District became the latest district in California to approve a transgender notification policy following a packed meeting that grew heated at times Thursday night. 

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The policy requires the school to notify parents when their children under the age of 12 request to use different names or pronouns than what is on their birth certificate. 

Prior to the meeting, school board members said they received an email from California Attorney General Rob Bonta threatening to take action to protect student civil rights. Meanwhile, students and their families anxiously awaited the fate of the proposed policy.

It was a packed house with demonstrators spilling into the parking lot. During the meeting, there were several delays and disruptions, along with over three hours of public comment from both sides. 

Despite Bonta’s warning, the policy was approved in a 4-3 vote around 11:30 p.m. to a roar of applause. 

Board members Ana Page, Kris Erickson, and Andrea Yamasaki, who opposed the policy, left the meeting early citing safety concerns.  

Meanwhile, the Chino Valley Unified School District is at the center of an ongoing legal battle with California Attorney General Rob Bonta over the controversial policy. A judge issued a temporary block on Chino Valley’s policy.

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  1. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    If you have children or grandchildren, California is NOT a safe place to raise them.

    California is showing the other 49 states what will happen if in the 2024 election Democrats obtain all FOUR branches of government in 2024. Oh, you say, there are only three branches of government: executive, legislative and judicial. Nope, as recent events have taught us, there is a fourth branch: unelected bureaucrats.


    PARENTS: Consider ALL options other than ‘public schools.’ They have been INFECTED by wokeness.


  3. School districts in California are way out of their jurisdiction in regard to the parent raising their children, they prefer the government to oversee that. These perverse corrupt politicians sold out to the woke Marxist progressives, originators of the KKK, the DNC party of haters and racists. Since they can’t successfully teach the basics like math, English minus the banned classics, adulterated history they rewrote. They forgot to tell the kiddies they wanted to keep slavery intact, initiate the savage KKK and keep blacks from voting. This is the history they want obliterated because it is theirs. No more cursive, no more auto shop, no more wood shop, no more home economics no teaching your teen to drive. Why is it that they taught so much more with less in the 80’s. Teens could actually care for themselves. Perhaps because the unions did not dictate what the teachers taught them? Homeschool with non-public institutional curriculum and your child will be so much more prepared to tackle life without being a taker but rather a maker. Exceptionalism is no longer prized but punished, but we had a great ride with homeschooling, plenty of resources, not that time consuming nor stressful for your child, less political agenda and perversion being “affirmed” and there are plenty of nice kids to homeschool with. You just have to research a little but isn’t your child your most precious commodity? They deserve to be loved in a fun, trusting and educational environment, not a DNC/progressive gulag. Brainwashing is painful and unnecessary.

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