Second Initiative Launched to Repeal Gas Tax

gas prices 2Anger over the increase in gas taxes has launched a second initiative to repeal the tax passed in April. Sources close to the drafting of this new measure say it will be well funded. Such a measure could have political implications beyond undoing the tax — one situation now and one if it makes the ballot.

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Polls show strong opposition to the gas tax increase. A gas tax repeal measure could rally Republican voters to go to the polls during the 2018 General Election, especially if no Republican makes the runoff for either of the state’s high-profile offices, governor and United States senator.

The timing of the filing of this initiative is also interesting. News of the pushback against a previous tax increase comes at a time when legislators weigh another tax increase vote on Senate Bill 2, a document tax to pay for housing. A reminder that taxes are on the voters’ minds might play into the final legislative votes on SB2.

The new tax repeal effort is a short constitutional amendment that states that all gas taxes approved after January 1, 2017 must be approved by the electorate. While the taxes approved under SB1 take effect in November they would cease to be collected if the new initiative passes in 2018.

An earlier initiative filed by Assembly member Travis Allen is also designed to repeal the gas tax. That measure is awaiting a hearing in court over the wording of the title and summary written by Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

Update: The SB2 tax plan passed the Assembly with no votes to spare

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  1. are you kidding me? even if it gets on the ballot, it will suffer the same fate as prop 8. remember we have an ideolog for a chief justice, and a dimocrap super majority in the legislature, and a senile liberal for a governor. save the fight after the COS expels calironia from the union.

  2. Andrew Kessel says

    My funding sent to Carl DeMaio today. Speaking of taxes, perhaps the CA GOP should have a “Seasons Greetings” card contest. Put something grinchy on there and send a message from the CA Democrat Party to California voters, wishing them Happy Holidays and the gift of a 12 cent gas tax while they shop for gifts for their loved ones. You could even have Anthony Cannella (R) sign it, maybe have him pay for postage.

  3. The gas tax is a big awakening to just how corrupt and crooked Brown and his trash Democrates or should I say the Illegal mexicans who are being funded by the Mexican government for open borders…It is time to kick Mexico’s ass

  4. “Give me all your money as you are now a slave to me (the state), stupid morons. I know what is best for you better than you do.” Amazing how Sacramento thinks.

  5. Walter E. Strong says

    Why is the initiative restricted to the gas tax? ALL tax increases should be subject to a vote of the electorate.

  6. Gregory Brittain says

    The proponents should change their initiative to require voter approval of all tax and fee increases.

  7. Gregory Brittain says

    You may be right about Cox, although he wrote a great article opposing Cap and Trade before it was passed.

    I dismissed his neighborhood legislature initiative until I learned that all laws must be approved by the 12,000 legislators. This would make it harder for the Dems and give us another chance to stop Dem tax increases and other bad laws.

  8. retiredxlr8r says

    Two things.
    The current legislature, along with our socialist governor have absolutely no idea how to manage a budget.
    Second, I am beginning to dislike all Democrats, they have absolutely no redeeming value to California.

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