Senator Moorlach Cautions Majority Party on the Costs of the Holder Hire

attorney-general-eric-holderSACRAMENTO – Senator John Moorlach, R-Costa Mesa, provided the following statement regarding the legislative Democrats’ decision to hire former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder as their next line of defense against the incoming Trump Administration.

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“If the majority party continues to poke President-elect Trump with a short stick, then they better be prepared with a Plan B. And, as far as I can tell, there is no alternative plan should these combative moves not be received well by the incoming Trump Administration.

“We cannot and must not jeopardize Federal funding to our state, counties and cities. They cannot afford it, especially with increasing pensions costs at the door.”

The above statement was sent out in a press release from the office of state Sen. John Moorlach.


  1. If you poke the bear – be prepared to get clawed!
    If you poke the bear with a short stick – you guarantee your demise!

  2. They saw that 44 was a toothless tiger, and assume that 45 will be the same.
    Note to Sacramento Dems: When investigating the Theory of Holes, make a side trip to the understanding of “assume”.

  3. May the ugly dragon get his head taken off by the laws of cause and effect.

  4. One thing the Progressive Party of California has never done is follow through with a complete understanding of the results of their actions. As usual a conservative viewpoint is being given by the Senator above and it is direct and to the point, however Moonbeam and crew is on a control warpath with the end result in their small minds of another money grab from the taxpayers and an increasing legion of followers in their voting. When it does fall apart it will be someone else’s fault as a Liberal does not take responsibility for their actions as evidenced by their voting records.

  5. Is Mr. Holder licensed to practice in California? Not according to the California State Bar website. Also, what hourly rate will be charged? I suspect it will be in the $800-1,000 range. I hope our Republican lawmakers will get information revealed to the public.

  6. retiredxlr8r says

    The majority party in Sacramento are pretty much lazy and incompetent. They have demonstrated, beyond any objection, that they are unable to manage a budget, use with “good” stewardship Taxpayers money, and otherwise negligent in their knowledge of our history, California and America’s, and a particular ignorance of the United States Constitution. Whereby “Immigration” is the purview of the Federal Government and funds withheld from the States by the Feds for lack of cooperation on the issue should be a primary consideration of the U.S. Congress.
    Just the act of retaining a “Hollywood” lawyer to combat this issue tells me that these loons in Sacrament actually know that they are doing something wrong.
    Sad that are elected are not any smarter than a door post!

  7. I have the complete email list of the Republican Senators and Assembly members. I’ll bet you they have no idea about Crooked Holder’s lack of Kalifornia credentials. I just might want to inform them today.

  8. Sen. Moorlach took the words right out of my mouth and I would like to add that Democrats pay attention to the rebuke of the last three election cycles that ended up with the Democrats losing the House and Senate after ramming Obamacare down America’s throat. That rebuke continued this presidential election. Russians were irrelevant in all three election cycles. Ca. and the other elites on the coast are on an island, let’s hope they do not create a tsunami onto its citizens.

  9. It is reported Eric Holder’s firm will receive $25,000 per month plus expenses for a minimun of 3-months. I strongly object to the state of California using taxpayer funds to engage in a legal battle with the Federal Government.

  10. TheRandyGuy says

    The parasites in Sacramento hired Eric Holder to represent CA. Eric Holder does not possess a CA law license, so consider what message they sent: Despite the thousands of CA attorneys in state, they chose a man who by law is prohibited from doing the very job in CA he is hired to do in DC….. Truly, CA is a freak show.

    • sweetsuzee says

      So you believe you know more than an international major law firm who was rejoined by a former partner who not only is an attorney, was a judge, and more recently the Attorney General of the United States of America? They practice FEDERAL LAW in DISTRICT COURTS for the most part. Aside from having offices all over the world, they do have offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Silicon Valley so I truly believe they have it covered.

  11. “We cannot and must not jeopardize Federal funding to our state, counties and cities. They cannot afford it, especially with increasing pensions costs at the door.”

    Come on President Trump and shut the tap off! I welcome the Sacramento fiscal crisis. Destabilize to destroy the Cadillac bureaucracy, root and branch. Only perceived stability props up the rancid welfare state. The vison of pitchforks and torches converging on Sacramento is pleasurable.

  12. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    The reason I am SO desperate (but currently economically unable) to flee Kali, is that our growing “ruling” party members share a common toxic set of personality traits – intolerance of opposing views, lack of critical thinking ability, and (it follows) being OBLIVIOUS to things called “consequences of their actions”. Sort of like the famous “W” Bush “Mission Accomplished” banner (weaknesses are often bi-partisan !) Sadly, I fear the critical mass of deaf ears to Sen. Moorlach’s concerns has long passed in the rearview mirror.

    The only job (bag) Holder qualifies for, is Target HOLDER at the “Fast and Furious” practice range !

  13. go ahead Rahm. Take Calif. along with you. I’m sure Marion has room for you and Jerry. Obama to since it’s so close to home.

  14. Talk is cheap it takes money to buy good whiskey.

  15. Andrew Kessel says

    I am pretty sure there will be plenty of lawsuits coming down the pike for California, including lack of representation. Too bad they chose a an over-paid back to to help them, but they are at least in good company.

  16. CA has an elected Attorney General – why is he being side-stepped? As a native of CA, I have already called my local representatives to express my disapproval of hiring Eric Holder, and the same with the offices of de Leon and Rendon. There is a substantial conservative voter block in CA, with a reported 4.2 million people voting for Trump in the 2016 presidential election. There is no reason for hiring Eric Holder and CA taxpayers are not interested in paying out hard-earned tax dollars to Eric Holder or anyone who’s job is to establish political and strategic roadblocks for our newly elected President-elect Donald Trump. Its time to stop the law breakers who masquerade as representatives of the citizens of CA in the form of elected politicians. The gall of Gov Brown, Nancy Pelosi and many others who are involved in this is one of the many reasons that CA needs to ‘drain the swamp’ and replace these demon politicians with true representatives who are dedicated to keeping the state safe and encourage proper and appropriate immigration. As a state with perhaps more immigrants than any other state in the nation, we are proud of those who have immigrated – LEGALLY. We cannot continue to backslide.

  17. The Demos can outdo themselves. Hiring Holder is so brainless, I just can’t believe it!

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