Sheriffs Who Opposed ‘Sanctuary State’ Bill Now Must Enforce It

from the L.A. Times

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California sheriffs who opposed adopting a “sanctuary state” law are now being tasked with implementing the law in their jails and retention policies.

The law, which began as Senate Bill 54, was issued in response to President Trump’s campaign against illegal immigration.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the sanctuary law “is designed to limit the people that California law enforcement agencies can detain, question or investigate at the request of federal immigration officials. But its impact will largely rely on county sheriffs whose departments play a vital role in immigration enforcement.”

In sum, the law is an attempt to limit cooperation with federal authorities and federal immigration policies. It makes sheriffs the final arbiter over who can and cannot see the immigration status of those detained in county facilities. This puts sheriffs in a tough spot, particularly those who were elected in “conservative or rural areas.”

For example, sheriffs who do enforce the sanctuary law will face the threat of losing federal funding for various county projects.

U.S. Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions described the sanctuary law as “unconscionable.” And acting director of ICE, Thomas Homan, said the law will “undermine public safety.” Homan indicated that the sanctuary law will force ICE to pick up any slack resulting from sheriffs’ inaction, thereby leading to more “at-large arrests” by ICE “in neighborhoods and worksites” throughout the state.

Governor Jerry Brown (D) signed SB-54 into law on October 5, It takes effect on January 1, 2018.

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  1. retiredxlr8r says

    Brown and his Brown Shirts are all socialist elitist above the masses, and are ruling by terror, thus making them tyrannical and tyranny is why we have the Second Amendment!

    And that is why they passed the ammunition registration law, so they will know who has what and where they live, a backdoor registration legislation.
    The next step of course is the gestapo knocking on your door requesting you firearms.

    Buy all ammunition out of state for cash, Nevada or Arizona, don’t buy any in California, period!

    Also, remember that socialism turns into communism after the money runs out! Bread and soup lines is where you will find the middle class.

    • It’s only a matter of time until the “Agricultural Inspection Stations” start asking incoming CA residents whether they are transporting any ammo.

    • True Teacher says

      Starting Jan 1, 2018, transporting ammo across state lines “runs the risk of carrying a misdemeanor charge.” Source: The Firearm Blog

      If I want to buy ammo from a private seller, the seller and I have to transact at an authorized DOJ approved vendor, just like selling a gun in a private transaction. Probably will require a fee to DOJ.

      If I order ammo from Nevada and have it shipped here, I have to pick it up at Turners, et. al. Probably a fee there to DOJ.

      Looking at cost of living and property in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Maybe northern Nevada.

  2. Here is another reason I left California. The California legislature has no idea of the unintended consequences of their actions. They have put the tax-paying citizens of this once-great state in uncompromising positions. Those who value their safety are finding it eroding faster than they will be able to cope with it. If I were a legislator I would be considering changing occupation.

  3. Ain’t gonna happen —no funds for the bald-headed twerp

  4. It’s amazing how fast legislation can be passed into law when they find a way around the people who disagree. And they didn’t ask the “people” either! It is a form of “taxation without representation” though not money directly, but taxing of all of our resources.

  5. All of these CRAZY CALIFORNIA LAWS go away when we become JEFFERSON!

  6. The laws may disappear temporarily when Jefferson happens but there is a subtle issue Kalif. is using…. By refusing to trade or imposing onerous production requirements on any products sold from without the state they are forcing companies and products to adhere to dictatorial mandates.

    It is the size of the market that will continue to drag on surround states.

    It is hoped that the Trump Administration will continue to tighten down the screws on funding. For instance why fund street projects that violate ADA requirements (roundabouts do exactly that and there is case law backing it)? Why are Federal funds for highway improvements being used by the State of California (through Caltrans) to build bike paths, or narrow streets? Each of the above should be rejected by Sec. Chow just on the diversion and intentional ignoring Federal laws. That doesn’t even begin to address the issues of Law and Illegals.

    The Fed’s could hammer the Democrats and force the State Taxpayers to foot the bill for this stupidity. Once the “local” taxpayer has to foot the bill they will not be so ready or happy about Socialist policies.

  7. Why is this lawless Socialist and his accomplices not in jail charged with HIGH TREASON . He and those like him are in direct violation of their oath to uphold the laws of the land . NOT pick and choose what they personally want without the vote of the LEGAL CITIZENS OF CALIFORNIA . ARREST JERRY BROWNNOSE AND HIS CO CONSPIRATORS NOW.

  8. There is an interesting dichotomy here. The Democrap Duma in Sacramento is expecting county sheriffs to enforce a law they passed to ignore federal immigration law. It is one thing to pass a law, another to insure its enforcement. Given experience with recalcitrant bureaucrats resisting the edicts of their superiors I suspect that the county sheriffs will find ways to continue to work with ICE agents.

    • CA Sheriff’s take their Oath of Office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic”. Their first priority is to their constituents, and then to the U.S. Constitution, and lastly to Generalissimo Moonbeam.

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