Should Jerry Brown Run for President?

It’s still more than a year away, but the presidential election of 2016 is already in high gear and looks to possibly have one of the most crowded fields of candidates in American history – at least for the Republican primary. Democratic candidates, though, are seemingly timid to enter the race, due at least in part to the presumption that it’s Hillary Clinton’s race to lose.

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But some party insiders and opinion leaders are starting to float the idea that California Gov. Jerry Brown should run for president, and the idea may be catching on.

Democrats have a history of nominating …

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Brian Calle is the opinion editor for the Orange County Register


  1. Oh Dear God – We have all had enough of Jerry Brown and his ridiculous liberal BS – When are people going to wake up!!!!?????? He has destroyed CA and now you want him as a President?????????

  2. Yes, for the dog catchers of America. For President of the United States? Not NO, but HELL NO.
    With his obsession in securing his legacy in history, he would seriously attempt to build a stairway to heaven, despite all opposition and financial costs at taxpayers expense.

  3. Well we must consider that someone or a group managed to get enough votes to elect (I use that loosely) our present POTUS and as many have observed that California is the pattern for the downfall of America based off the results of the past 40years it could be possible that the uninformed voters will continue to enable the Tax and Spenders.

  4. Brown has made a mess of California, he spends money like a drunken sailor, We have a Fast trans rail system that will never be paid for, and will be subsidized by the Tax payers as long as its been in existence. He has demonstrated that he knows nothing about infrastructure, otherwise we wouldn’t have water storage problems now. Plus at any given opportunity he raises taxes. And check his record on the exodist of businesses…..

  5. Run? He can run that new rail system on which he is wasting our money.
    State taxpayers certainly are not getting services they pay for, such as
    DMV efficiency, well maintained highways The dual narrow tracks down state routes are like trying to drive on rails. They’re tire- wide, with the rest of the road going unpaved. Tire tracks. Then there is the lack of water storage dams where the north must give all to the lower state, starting at San Francisco and on down.
    Plus this moonbeamer is so like Obama, I wouldn’t wish him on the rest of our poor nation.

  6. NorCal Libertarian says

    YES!!! In Mexico…or Honduras…or Guatamala….or Nicaragua…there are too many ex-pats in Costa Rica so they won’t want him down there!
    He LOVES those people so yea…..go on down there and campaign and take your illegal voters with you!

  7. Absolutely NOT. His second time around as our governor has destroyed California. Moon Beam Brown would do the same for our country.

  8. Jerry Brown should run, that would get him out of California and the rest of the people could suffer also.

  9. The Dem Primary has all the potential of turning into a classic Clown Show:
    Shrillary, Fauxcahontas, Slow-Joe, Moonbeam, and now possibly Lurch.

  10. Jerry Brown belongs in prison not serving public office.


  12. Please NO!! Enough of these old hacks. We need new people ..

  13. Holy Cr___ what an insane suggestion!!!. Brown is despised in California by everyone except illegals and his Sacramento cronies and some nut jobs in the Bay Area who would live in Communes if asked.
    He bankrupted the State…THREE times. Destroyed our Agriculture (once known world wide as the Bread Basket of America)), has built more debt than any three governors. given education, licenses and medical to illegals, unemployment is at a REAL 11+% and THIS is called success?
    Governor Moon Beam’s inability to grasp cause and effect in this once great Industrial/Agricultural giant, has driven a record number of businesses OUT OF CALIFORNIA…… even TOYOTA!!. The jobs he has sent overseas due to his Moon Beam regulations are immeasurable….
    PLEASE ANYONE tell us what ONE thing he has done to increase the QUALITY of education, the management of water (of which we have plenty to feed So Cal if the moron would buck the environmentalists, regard living HUMANS with the same dignity and remove the Ca Smelt from Sacramento’s Pump station No 3…instead of dumping BILLIONS of gallons of potable water into the Ocean???????), the deregulation of businesses, the reduction of State Taxes, and the reduction/ elimination of benefits for Illegals. NOT immigrants…ILLEGAL immigrants.
    PLEASE tell the idiot at the OC who wrote this black comedy piece that we sincerely hope he is kidding and print an apologetic retraction of his piece to the remaining working people of California…NOW.
    This state is sinking in debt and he wants to build a Hi speed train to NO WHERE to put his name on as he has FAILED inn every other lame azz project he has attempted.
    Brown would make Obama look like a Tea Party Conservative.

  14. Yes he should run for President that would get him out of our hair at least for a while in CA. If by a very very very small chance he would be elected he would be worse than Barry Soetoro . On second thought I don’t think moonbeam should run the way Dem’s vote he would fit right in with Barry to totally run our country in the grown. Vote no way Brown.

  15. YES YES YES, it’ll be comedy hour between Fauxohauntis, Moonbeam, Unkle Jo-Jo, Hitlery, ID10T Kerry.

  16. Yes – president of Cuba !!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Michael Paaverud says

    Moonbeam has caused problems enough in California without unleashing him on t he U.S. of A. Please convince him to quit while we still have a chance, albeit very slim, of recovery here in California..

  18. Puke.

  19. He would be worse than Obama

  20. In a state where public employee democrats rule Brown is safe . Perhaps the rest of the country is trending to a California like values is an open question.

  21. Mathew Driscoll says

    Brown definitely should not run for president. Isn’t he Obama’s father?

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