State Budget Deal: Most Californians Will Get Stimulus Payments

Most Californians would receive stimulus payments ranging from $200 to $350 per person under a budget deal that Gov. Gavin Newsom and state legislative leaders announced Sunday night.

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Tax refunds under the agreement’s $17 billion “inflation relief package” would provide $350 to individuals making less than $75,000 per year. Couples making less than $150,000 who file their taxes together would receive $700. If families in those categories have at least one dependent, the deal calls for them to also receive another $350. That means families could receive up to $1,050.

The agreement also would provide checks, although in smaller amounts, to many people who make more money. The smallest payments are designated for individuals making up to $250,000, who would get $200. Couples filing jointly who make less than $500,000 will receive $400, plus an additional $200 for dependents.

Under the plan, the state would send people the money through direct deposits and debit cards beginning in October. The state’s Franchise Tax Board estimates all the money would be sent out by early next year, said H.D. Palmer, spokesperson for the state’s Department of Finance.

The state budget deal must be passed by the Legislature and signed by Newsom to become law, but a statement from legislative leaders, Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins and Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon, saying they’ve signed on to the deal indicates that will happen.

In addition to the tax refunds, the budget agreement would also suspend the 23-cent state sales tax on diesel for a year starting Oct. 1, Palmer said. Under the agreement, the state would provide local governments the revenue that would have come from the diesel tax, to avoid stalling local transportation projects.

The agreement also includes money to help Californians pay their rent and utility bills, the governor and legislative leaders said. It also adds $47 billion in infrastructure spending and $200 million for reproductive health care in the wake of the Supreme Court decision this past week overturning Roe v. Wade.

“In the face of growing economic uncertainty, this budget invests in California’s values while further filling the state’s budget reserves,” Newsom, Atkins and Rendon said in a written statement.

The announcement of the deal indicates Newsom’s proposal to send $400 payments to vehicle owners is dead. Newsom had initially made the proposal to provide targeted relief from high gas prices that his administration said could be sent out to Californians more quickly than payments to tax filers. But he failed to get lawmakers to sign onto the idea.

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  1. Gavin Newsom is buying votes with with Californian’s money. Its pennies on the dollar of what the state steals from you everyday. However the moron voters will happy vote for this thief again and again.

    • rufusvondufus says

      Newsom is not buying votes with California taxpayer money only. He knows that with Pelosi, Feinstein, Waters, etc. and Biden that the U.S. (all of us) will cover his budget shortfalls as we have already done with the ARA. It was passed in order to cover up all of the $billions being sent to blue states and cities to bail them out. FJB and MAGA

    • mark davis says

      Agreed! I wrote about this when they first brought it up. I said then that we would get money right before the elections in an attempt to buy votes by claiming that they care about us by giving us some relief. Look how long they have already made us wait on top of increasing our gas tax.
      Thanks dem’s you are as useful as a water bucket in a barren desert.

  2. Yes, Pretty Boy Newscum is buying his way onto the dems liberal prez ticket for 2024. Disgusting!!!

    • Newsom playing to the misinformed voters…of which there are MANY in his State.

      He’s the new ‘candyman!’

  3. I do NOT think this ‘RobinHoodesque’ move by Newsom is a good idea.

    I think there are already enough ‘government’ sponsored giveaways and ‘freebies’ that people continue to take advantage of.

    Also, CA can not afford to do this. Just look at the Unfunded CalPERS Pension Liabilities..over a Trillion and counting.

    Instead, let’s always think of who owns this ‘government!’ We The People.

    Support Needed:

    • Boris Badenov says

      Take a peek at the unfunded Teachers Pensions which are double that of CalPERS. Newscum is trying to push off the day of judgement.

      Larry Elder said that there is NO WAY the Dims will not allow Kommiela to be the candidate in 2024. Black women LOVE Kommiela, yeah I know, and will stay home if she’s tossed from the ticket.

  4. Amen, michael says….. You are spot on with buying the votes and they’re idiots not willing to see the true outcome of communism! Lazy succumbs…. when they see we are a 3rd world country due to their stupidity, it will be too late, sad, very sad, always about the dollar!!!!

    • WE THE PEOPLE need to make another run at Recalling Newsom.

      His arrogant, tyrannical form of ‘governing’ is NOT WANTED by the majority of informed California voters.

      • sweetsuzee says

        But the majority of informed California voters is about 30% of the population. We’ve lost this battle. I fully realized this back when communist card carrying Angela Davis went from being on the FBI’s 10 Most Wanted list to being acquitted of her involvement in the murder of Judge Haley and others AND then being hired by Cal State as a professor in philosophy. We were doomed from then on.

      • john kindseth says

        Kalifornicators are WAY too stupid to recall Gavin Gruesome, same for Camel La Harris.,

  5. WE THE PEOPLE need to make another run at Recalling Newsom.

  6. Tony Hernandez says

    How come nothing further said on individuals that are on SSI and SSDI social security?

  7. Really??? says

    This is not what Slick stated he would do. It is not specific to the people being hurt by the gasoline tax. A reduction in the diesel tax is not suspension of the tax.

    Deception by a Socialist who would be King.

    The money is pure socialist income envy.

    The question is will the Hispanics and blacks get it and walk away from him? I doubt it. They are being lied to by their current leaders who will lose decades of political power once the Democrat fraud is exposed.

  8. Recall….. too many conservatives/informed have and continue to leave this state! Ain’t going to happen sad to say! That’s why it didn’t work this last time!!! AND, the GOP of California has RINOs just like DC!!!

  9. JimNorCal says

    After the failed recall which, sadly, CA GOP was unwilling to help … motivated grassroots leaders will move out of state or sit on their hands.
    There will be no recovery in CA politics till our state GOP stops fighting Trump and conservatives and instead fights Dems.


  11. Typical for Democrats —– buy as many votes as possible.

  12. Stan Anderson says

    (What have you got to lose.)

  13. Four people I know are fleeing this sht-hole state. The money will help pay their moving expenses.

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