State Senate Looks to End Climate Change Debate

With only 232 days left until Barack Obama leaves the White House we discussed three issues on the Brian Sussman Show this morning (KSFO 560–San Fran).
Global Warming1.  Senate bill 1161 by Sens. Hannah-Beth Jackson and Mark Leno would put Sussman in legal jeopardy: “Section 2(b) of the bill declares it the California Legislature’s policy to promote ‘redress for unfair competition practices committed by entities that have deceived, confused, or misled the public on the risks of climate change or financially supported activities that have deceived.”  Sussman has written a book and talks on his show about climate change and facts that show it is not all caused by humans and may not be as bad as Al Gore claims.
2.  Santa Monica College has a professor that “marries” students to the ocean and then has them put their toes in the water to consummate the marriage — the same professor asks trees “permission” before she hugs them.
3.  The students at UCI have had a rash of pro-Palestinian protesters break up speeches and meetings on campus, making the Jewish students fearful.  The chancellor has done nothing and will not suspend or expel the students promoting violence and the end of Free Speech on campus.

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