Supreme Court Could Legalize Open Carry in California

The Second Amendment “right to keep and bear arms” soon could be restored to California. Time magazine described the issue at hand in hearings before the court at hearings on Nov. 3. The court “majority appeared to question the constitutionality of a century-old provision in New York state that requires people to prove they have a special need for self-protection if they want to carry a concealed handgun outside of their home.”

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California imposes similar restrictions on carrying a concealed handgun. If the New York law is ruled unconstitutional, that likely also would blast away California’s similar restrictions. Although the court is unpredictable, so nothing is definite until the final wording is released.

A big problem with such state restrictions on concealed carry is their arbitrary nature toward honest, law-abiding citizens. (Not at issue is whether criminals can carry concealed weapons; bans on that would remain in place.)

In California, county sheriffs decide who can and cannot get a permit. The rules vary greatly. The liberal coastal county sheriffs generally impose tight restrictions, while rural inland sheriffs generally allow anyone who is a law-abiding citizen, and takes a gun safety course, to be granted a permit.

But the restrictions also vary with the sheriff. The late Sandra Hutchens, while sheriff of Orange County from 2008-19, was highly restrictive. But her successor, Don Barnes, ran and won in 2018 on a platform of advancing gun rights. He recently wrote on his personal website, “In my view any law-abiding citizen who seeks a permit has the right to have one issued.” He said that, since he became sheriff, the Orange County Sheriffs’ Department has issued more than 10,000 permits to residents; Orange County’s population is 3.2 million. “Not one person has misused their permit.”

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  1. San Francisco will simply ignore the law and continue with their restrictions. If Biden can get away with ignoring the Supreme Court orders, surely SF can also. No way those in power in SF will allow people to get carry permits. If one needs a gun, one should hire a private security guard to carry it

  2. This is great news for CA! CA is part of the US Constitution and THEREFORE finally need to be whipped back in line for this! For far too long these restrictive positions put on law abiding citizens have been so arbitrary! Bring it on!

  3. It’s already legal to open carry or concealed carry, it’s our constitutional right but California doesn’t believe in the Constitution or peoples rights. People need to wake up in this state, they’ve taken our rights away.

    States do not have rights they have power, people have rights and so called states rights cannot supersede our Bill of Rights. Read the 10th amendment.

  4. I bet the lawsuit against this ruling would be fast and cherry picking a judge that will state a small item was not covered.

  5. The strongest rule of complete control is to tell people they cannot protect yourself from them. Many, Many, laws have been passed to implement just this. If you want to see a real ” tooth and nail ” fight, just let the Supreme Court rule in favor of the fish in the barrel.

  6. Boris Badenov says

    Laura Smith, Sheriff of Santa Clara Country will gladly issue you one for a small 5 figure donation to her campaign fund. She threw one flunky to the wolves to avoid being tagged with this crime

  7. I really like what Don did over the course of his time as a sheriff, but reality is: Cali probably won’t ever get state-wide open carry law ever. There are some good laws being taken currently in other states, but California remains pretty harsh on gun right( banning large capacity mags, supressors, etc. there are even a whole bunch of other restriction I can’t really call from the top of my head.)

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