Supreme Court Deals Blow to U.S. Climate Agenda with EPA Decision

California Gov. Newsom defiantly vows to double down on California’s climate change policies

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The Supreme Court on Thursday curtailed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to set standards on climate-changing greenhouse gas emissions for existing power plants.

The court’s decision in West Virginia v. EPA says that government doesn’t have the power to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from power plants.

While many in the U.S. are celebrating the decision curtailing unelected bureaucrats from making energy policy, California Gov. Gavin Newsom issued a defiant press statement:

“The Supreme Court sided with the fossil fuel industry, kneecapping the federal government’s basic ability to tackle climate change. Today’s ruling makes it even more imperative that California and other states succeed in our efforts to combat the climate crisis. While the court has once again turned back the clock, California refuses to go backward – we’re just getting started. California will remain the tentpole for this movement with record investments and aggressive policies to reduce pollution, to protect people from extreme weather, and to leave our children and grandchildren a world that’s better off than we found it.”

Gov. Newsom, who is making moves for a possible Presidential bid in 2024, doubled down on California’s government-led “forward-thinking climate policies,” claiming full credit.

“Under Governor Newsom’s leadership, California is taking bold action to further advance California’s progress toward an oil-free future and bolster the state’s clean energy economy.”

Nearly every poll taken on American voters’ concerns and priorities shows climate change at the bottom of the list next to abortion. Yet Democrat politicians continue to push their agenda.

The Supreme Court decision summary explains the issue which stems from Obama administration era EPA rules:

“In 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) promulgated the Clean Power Plan rule, which addressed carbon dioxide emissions from existing coal- and natural-gas-fired power plants. For authority, the Agency cited Section 111 of the Clean Air Act, which, although known as the New Source Performance Standards program, also authorizes regulation of certain pollutants from existing sources under Section 111(d). 42 U. S. C. §7411(d). Prior to the Clean Power Plan, EPA had used Section 111(d) only a handful of times since its enactment in 1970.”

Click here to read the full article in the California Globe


  1. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    New York and California are ignoring Supreme Court decisions they don’t like. This means we no longer have a Supreme Court that makes final decisions, but a Supreme Court that makes final recommendations. And it appears that half the US population is fine with this. Where is the Republican Leadership?

  2. Really??? says

    Robin is right.

    Ignore what you do not like and lobby to change the Constitution through “action” not law.

    One of the reasons the Democrats allow illegals to vote, and enter the nation…their history of law and voting is vastly different then the history and intent of English based law and property.

    There is another fight coming in the northeast and if it goes the same way California will get a broken nose not just a bloody nose.

  3. Stan Sexton says

    I was born here but I have to get out. We are going to have power brownouts and blackouts. Water is going to be a huge problem. My friends up North have almost free water and a power bill that’s one third mine here in San Diego. How much is your house going to be worth when your utility bills are more than your house payment? Your greenery is dead and brown? San Diego is an atomic target, a border-overrun target, and a terrorist target including pyro-terrorism. It’s not safe and Newsom is a “Young Global Leader” with the WEF since 2005. Is the “Great Reset” he will be instituting survivable here? Follow Trudeau because he and Newsom are going to follow whatever Klaus Schwab wants.

  4. I haven’t seen one shred of “evidence” of “global warming”, yet!! according to Al Gore’s scientists back in the ’90’s we (California) and Florida were supposed to be under water by 2012…. WELL??? Democrats are the real “satanic evil” in America for the last 150 years! Slavery, blantant hypocracy, record killing of babies, record fuel prices, food shortages, men in women’s restrooms and sports, secret sex change operations on our children, taxes, more taxes, higher taxes, free speech censorship, spying on citizens, record inflation, business killing regulations, highest crime rates/shootings in democrat run cities, BLM, antifa, racism, white supremacy, KKK, Jim Crow, dishonesty, lying, communism, and sociopathology, and don’t forget voter fraud. Did I leave anything out?

  5. There is no such thing as man made climate change. It’s a lie used by our “betters” to gain power and control. Add food, water and, energy and the strangle is obvious. They are paving the way to their ” liberal world order”.

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