Task Force Meets in San Diego, Debates Eligibility for California Slavery and Racism Reparations

The task force is charged with making recommendations to the legislature by June on reparations for the effects of slavery and systemic racism for Black people in the state

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A state task force charged with studying and making recommendations for reparations to Black residents of California who have suffered harm from the effects of slavery and systemic racism met in San Diego Friday and discussed at length who would be eligible.

The meeting, which continues Saturday at the Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center at the SDSU campus, comes less than six months before the task force is to issue its final conclusions.

The task force of nine members, including San Diego City Councilwoman Monica Montgomery Steppe, has been meeting regularly for the past 18 months around the state. The work is complicated and extensive: an interim report issued in June runs to nearly 500 pages. It is also groundbreaking, the first time any state in the country has tackled the issue of historical reparations for Black citizens.

The task force has already made some key decisions. The biggest, in March, was to determine that eligibility for any future payment would be limited to Black state residents who are descendants of enslaved people, or of a free Black person living in the U.S. by the end of the 19th century.

That standard would exclude some individuals, such as Black people who came to the U.S. after the end of the 19th century.

Among other issues the task force is hashing out, economists are attempting to quantify the economic losses stemming from redlining, mass incarceration, environmental harm, and other categories.

The task force is also expected to recommend non-monetary steps the state should take. These could include issuing a formal apology from the state, and deleting language in the state constitution that prohibits slavery, or involuntary servitude, except to punish a crime. That allows prisoners in the state to be paid low wages, advocates say.

The task force was created under Assembly Bill 3121, a bill authored by then-Assemblywoman Shirley Weber of San Diego. Now Secretary of State, Weber addressed the task force at the start of the meeting, urging them to finish the work on time. “If you don’t push it forward, it loses momentum,” she said.

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  1. For a state, Ca. that was not a slave state and Ca. citizens who were not slave owners to have to pay to people who were not slaves…huh? How many people will move to Ca. to get reparations? Are we buying votes?

  2. C’mon, you leftist morons, People who never owned slaves forced to pay money to people who were never slaves……just another of many communist fascist racist democrat idiocities. Well, they should pay ME reparations for my great great grandpa fighting in the Union army to free these morons.

  3. When do we say enough is enough?
    Time to get in the streets and off the couch.
    Time to eat your wheaties and spinach and let them know
    The natives are restless and they aint gonna take it anymore!!!!!!!

    Bring your helmut
    Dress to impress
    Dont be late

    Lose your fear
    Or lose your country and freedom

  4. Totally absurd and a total waste of time.

  5. Complete and total INSANITY.

    Commit all of these idiots to the asylum NOW.

  6. My relatives came as immigrants to this country in the 19th century …. and never owned slaves.

    We better be exempt from this wokist stupidity or their ‘criteria’ is meaningless krappoola… like this entire exercize in stoopidity.

  7. Rico Lagattuta says

    I think I get it. If you are black, worked hard and became financially successful you get no money. If you are a lazy ass black person who never took advantage of all the opportunities the government offered you on a silver platter, you get money.

  8. Free stuff for the victim minorities. A democrat theme for decades. It has worked “so well” why not double down on it? The far left will not stop its socialist attack on common sense until our country hits bottom. Stand up and say “Not on my watch” and mean it.

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