Ted Cruz is no Ronald Reagan at GOP Convention

At the 1976 GOP convention in Kansas City did Reagan endorse Ford? Yes.

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In Cleveland last night did Cruz endorse Trump? No.

Here is what Reagan said as he shared the stage with Gerald Ford, addressing Ford and the nation directly: “We must go forth from here united, determined that what a great general said a few years ago is true: There is no substitute for victory, Mr. President.”

Teagan’s short speech in 1976 was an endorsement no matter how you parse it. In contrast Cruz didn’t unite with his comments last night, rather they almost insinuate a hope for defeat not victory. Cruz never uses the words “unite” or “victory” rather his words are about the process of deliberation and even then left unresolved. California Political Review’s Bill Saracino and I were both Reagan delegates and on the floor in Kansas City in 1976. We saw it.

Reagan, to cheers, helped Ford at the convention after the presidential nomination was resolved. Reagan praises Ford in his comments for having him speak. After Ford won, Reagan’s convention whips told us all to support Ford’s VP pick – Dole – and not participate in an insurgency for Jesse Helms, and that is how the entire Reagan delegation voted.

In contrast, Cruz, to boos, divided the convention. Both Bill Saracino and I made ourselves available to Craig Shirley in writing his books about Reagan, and I think I may be credited in one of them for that. But as Saracino has said On Facebook, we were there at the Kemper Arena, Nancy Reaganand there was no controversy at all over the way Reagan phrased his clue to his voters to unite and support Ford.

You can see Reagan’s entire speech here: http://www.nationalcenter.org/ReaganConvention1976.html. Reagan will be remembered for being a “class act” in 1976. No way that can be said about selfish Ted Cruz.


  1. Louis Barnett says

    Not everyone on the California delegation voted for Dole. Jane Barnett voted for Kemp.
    But the delegation was asked to vote for Dole.

  2. Yes, I agree that Cruz divided the party, and he showed himself to be the self-serving person that he is. He did congratulate Trump, however, at the very beginning of his speech.

  3. Rottweiler says

    The GOP party has paralyzed themselves and alienated everyone and I thought the Democrats were divisive. With Trump’s arrogance and Cruz’s bitter selfishness we are getting a corrupt, careless, entitled, franchised destruction to America and the Constitution via HilLiary. The party has only itself to blame and has been sitting idle since we voted them into a majority 2012. Adios America, Buenos dias European Socialists.

  4. The Donald needs to publicly apologize for his treatment of Mrs. Cruz, and his besmirching of the good name of the Rev. Cruz, before he can expect a normalization of relations between himself and the Senator.

  5. Emanuelle Goldstein says

    … and Ted Cruz needs to apologize to the Republican voters for pissing on our parade.

  6. So there is a new mantra going around the Trumpanzee sphere claiming Reagan endorsed Ford… ummm, there is also a thing call the Web where you can FACT CHECK the FACTS and the term “unite” is NOT the same as an endorsement. Just ONE search and I found this.

    You Cheetos head Jesus worshipers (a.k.a. Trump fans) can parse words all you want but it won’t change the facts; Reagan NEVER said: “that is why I am endorsing Ford…” which would be an “endorsement”.

    Nice try, try again!

  7. robert fulton says

    Cruz divided the Party? Where have you been for the last 50 or so years? If there was a viable GOP, Trump would never have been considered a candidate much less a Republican nominee. Wake up America. Stop the infighting. The Progressives (A relentless “third party” operating under the banner respectively of each of the other parties) are winning every battle fought. We are losing the war folks and it’s not because Ted did not like Donald besmirching his wife and calling his dad an assassin. Which, BTW, Ford did not do the Reagan. Admit it Trump lemmings, it’s hard to endorse a person that has done that and encourages you to continue to do that. Anyone recall whether Adams supported Jefferson after he lost the election to him? Get on board Americans, we need a president not a god or goddess. steamboat

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